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Sherri Shepherd’s MAJOR Change To ‘Wendy Williams Show’ Set

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Sherri Shepherd is making a major change to The Wendy Williams Show set. She is not allowing a trace of this color to appear on the set. The talk show is going to look a lot different when Sherri debuts in September 2022. She wants to set herself apart from the original talk show host.

The two ladies share a lot in common. Like Wendy, Sherri loves the color purple. Yet, she knew that she couldn’t use that shade for her new show. There won’t be any traces of purple on the set of the show. Wendy was known to use touches of the regal shade — including her iconic purple chair.

Sherri Shepherd On The Kelly Clarkson Show [The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]
[The Kelly Clarkson Show | YouTube]

Sherri Shepherd refuses to use purple on decor

On June 16, 2022, The Wendy Williams Show came to an end. The production team moved forward with clearing out the New York City-based studio. They made sure to clean out her wigs and iconic purple chair, which she got a hold of. Sherri Shepherd wants to make sure that the studio fits her style as she tries to avoid the color purple.

She knew it was “out of the question” when it came to redecorating the set. It was part of the now-canceled talk show. Wendy Williams coveted the color and made sure to use lots of it in each season that she redecorated the set.

Sherri Shepherd Announces Talk Show [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“Purple was out of the question,” Sherri Shepherd said during a virtual press confession on Tuesday, August 30, per Page Six. “I love everything. … It was a collaboration.”

However, she’s happy with the new decor. She called it “vibrant” and hinted that it’s a departure from The Wendy Williams Show. The viewers will easily tell that it’s her show. Those who expect Sherri Shepherd to pay homage to her predecessor will be sorely disappointed.

Comedian set to replace The Wendy Williams Show

Her new daytime talk show will replace The Wendy Williams Show in its timeslot. It’s a difficult decision that Debmar-Mercury had to make. In a new promo clip, Sherri told viewers that she will take them on every step of the journey. She promised “behind the scenes” and “on the road” adventures.

The actress will offer a “comedic take on entertainment and pop culture.” She also wants to make it a positive experience for everyone — including the viewers and celebrities who appear on the show. In an exclusive statement to People, Sherri admitted that she “always dreamed” about having her own talk show.

It happened at an unexpected moment. Sherri was one of the several rotating celebrity guest hosts on The Wendy Williams Show when the original host was on hiatus for her health issues. This led to the cancellation of the popular talk show.

What are your thoughts on Sherri Shepherd’s new show? Are you excited to see the set? Do you think it will be a hit? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I just hope Jennifer does not stood down to her level. because it’s extremely low! and Jennifer you’re better than that. Shame on you Sherri Shepard stay in your lane and be a professional.

  2. I don’t think it was a shot at Jennifer at all,. Language with inflections can be funny. I really believe Sherri was complimenting her producer, and just poking clean fun at Jennifer, with a conngratulatory undertone to Jennifer. Two very successful women jesting about stealing producers. Don’t make it ugly.

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