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Sherri Shepherd Subtly Backhands Wendy Williams?

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Ever since Wendy Williams retired from her daytime show, her life has been nothing less than an emotional rollercoaster. To add to her troubles, her replacement on the show, Sherri Shepherd, recently threw a subtle shade on her, while teasing her upcoming show. She will be replacing The Wendy Williams Show with one named after her in the fall.

Sherri Shepherd Takes Over As The New Daytime Show Host

In the past, Sherri Shepherd filled in for Williams while she was absent from the talk show due to health issues. And, it looks like it’s her time to shine after the former host retired on June 17, 2022, when the final episode of The Wendy Williams Show aired.

In her recent interview, she said, “Let’s be clear, I’m not a mean person at all.”

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

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The former co-host for The View added, “I’m all about positive energy. I’m about joy. I’m about kindness and laughter. Anyone that knows me will tell you just that.”

The Wendy Williams Show lasted for 13 seasons and Williams became a household name for telling it just the way she saw it, even when it came to people’s personal expense. However, in her interview, Shepherd clarified that she will have clearly different vibe.

“And that’s what my talk show will embody. Why would it be anything but that?? As a celebrity myself, I know what it’s like to not feel safe appearing on a show or hoping a host doesn’t try to have a gotcha moment with you. It will be a celebrity-friendly zone on Sherri,” she explained.

Wendy Williams Won’t Watch The Replacement Talk Show

As per OK Magazine!, the former radio jockey wasn’t thrilled after she learned that Sherri will be her replacement on the daytime series. She also claimed that she won’t be watching the show anymore. An insider revealed Wendy’s feelings related to her replacement.

Wendy Williams YouTube

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They said, “It was bad enough they canceled her show and gave Sherri her own daytime talk show which is set to take over Wendy’s time slot.”

“It was a total slap in the face for it to be announced on Wendy’s show and her platforms,” they continued.

Sherri Shepherd Is Understanding Of Wendy’s Situation

Despite the lack of support shown by the former daytime show host, Shepherd has been mindful & understanding of the situation. She said, “I did hear Wendy say she will not watch me on the new show. And that’s okay. You know, I understand. I’m not mad at Wendy. She’s going through a lot.”

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

She also added, “I would say that everyone should be praying for Wendy right now. I’m really truly concerned for her because I don’t feel like there’s anybody over there protecting her… But I’m not mad at Wendy because she won’t watch my show.”

The new daytime talk show, Sherri, will premiere on September 12, 2022. What do you think of Sherri’s thoughts on Wendy’s situation? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Cannot stand that Sherry Shepherd. The show will not make it no one likes her or is interested in what she has to say. We loved Wendy, she was real and could be any ones friend. Even though the show judged people she never showed signs of disliking any one. Goodbye Wendy and hello 12:00 PM. I no longer have to stay home to catch the show!

  2. They are both a couple of juvenile, talentless hacks who have to cause drama just to stay relevant. Behaving like middle-schoolers with the “pick me, pick me, pick me”! behavior and trying to get people to pick sides shows you just how much classless they are. No matter who hosts a show, it will just be a waste of an hour in the day.

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