Wendy Williams Passed Out With Booze In Most Freaky Place?

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Fans of Wendy Williams aren’t sure what to think after the former talk show host was spotted passed out near booze in the strangest of places. According to a clip obtained by The Sun, the former talk show host’s troubles appear to be far from over. What freaky place was she spotted passed out near booze? Keep reading for the details.

Wendy Williams spotted passed out with booze in freaky place

In this shocking clip, Wendy Williams was spotted passed out right next to a champagne glass. Obviously, exactly what was in the glass was unclear from the video. The Internet, however, has drawn the conclusion there was absolutely some sort of booze in the glass and Wendy had passed out after drinking it. According to The Sun, she was inside a Louis Vuitton in New York City.

The 58-year-old was laying down on a bed inside the luxurious fashion staple in SoHo. Her legs were crossed and her eyes were not opened. There was a champagne glass on the floor right beside her and it looked to be filled to the brim.

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There was a separate clip with Wendy Williams sitting up in the same bed. She looked to be very engaged in the conversation she was having. The eyewitness noted the other individual talking to Wendy could have very well been store security. The same eyewitness has confirmed It was around 6 P.M. on Sunday when Wendy was spotted inside the store.

This eyewitness told media outlets it was a bit bizarre to spot Wendy as she really hadn’t been out and about in a while. This sighting of Wendy Williams comes after the Internet expressed concern for her erratic behavior. As fans of Wendy know, she does have a history of battling addiction including both drugs and alcohol. So, it was both concerning and shocking for fans to see her passed out near booze in a Louis Vuitton store.

Loved ones remain worried for the former talk show host

According to The Sun, several loved ones of Wendy Williams have reached out exclusively to the outlet to express worry and concern for her mental health because of how she’s been acting and what she’s been saying. More recently, her loved ones grew concerned after a recent interview where Wendy said that if she didn’t do anything else in life she wanted to fall in love but what she really wanted was to “f*ck.”

Do you think fans are right to be concerned and shocked about this new sighting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on this former talk show host.

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