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Friends Go Against Wendy Williams’ Wishes?

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Friends went against Wendy Williams’ wishes. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the original daytime diva wanted them to boycott Sherri Shepherd’s talk show. The 58-year-old didn’t want her inner circle to promote the show or appear as a guest. Wendy said that she won’t be watching Sherri’s new show.

On Monday, September 12, Sherri premiered on FOX, in Wendy’s old timeslot. She admitted that she was having butterflies. Even though she was a natural when she guest hosted on The Wendy Williams Show, this was a different experience. There’s a lot of pressure on Sherri, especially after she’s filling some big shoes.

Wendy Williams In Purple Chair [Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show Clips | YouTube]

Wendy Williams tells friends to boycott Sherri

An insider told The Sun that Wendy Williams wants her friends to remain faithful to her. She’s asked them to boycott Sherri’s namesake talk show. Wendy called and asked her famous friends not to support her replacement. She didn’t want to hear anything about her.

“Wendy has been calling her friends and saying don’t go on the Sherri show and don’t promote it,” an insider told The Sun. “Nick Cannon said he won’t support Sherri no one else should either, but the thing is — Nick doesn’t have his talk show anymore, so it’s no skin off his nose to distance himself.”

Sherri Shepherd Premieres Talk Show [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
She also didn’t want anyone from The Real Housewives franchise to appear on the show. Wendy argues that her famous friends should be siding with her amid this feud. She doesn’t like that Sherri is getting all the attention right now. Not only did Sherri end up with her show and production, but she also got her old timeslot and set.

Sherri debuted her talk show on Monday. She had an awkward interview during the live premiere. What’s also interesting is that one of Wendy Williams’ friends went against her wishes. Read on to learn more.

Real Housewives star appeared on a new talk show

Sherri suffered a blunder during Monday’s broadcast. The new host interviewed The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, who is not a friend but an enemy of Wendy’s. She forgot the title of the play that Kandi has been acting on. Even though the two are good friends who go way back, Sherri couldn’t stop flubbing during the interview.

“Not only are you broke, but you are also working towards an EGOT because you are executive producing The Piano Man,” Sherri said.

Sherri Shepherd & Kandi Burruss [Sherri | YouTube]
[Sherri | YouTube]
Kandi corrected her: “The Piano Lesson!” Sherri repeated it back and confirmed that she knew that. That’s when she admitted she was “so nervous trying to remember everything.” Meanwhile, Wendy Williams keeps losing her friends to Sherri.

What are your thoughts on Sherri Shepherd’s new show? Do you think Wendy Williams is losing her friends? Do you think they’ll listen to her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Sending much love and prayers to Wendy Williams and a speedy recovery. Not only is she muched loved and an institution in the business. She is a human just like us. I miss the Wendy show. Sherri Sheppard could never fill her shoes or chair. Come back Wendy, I’ll be waiting!! God bless you!!

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