Wendy Williams Tells Friends To Boycott Enemy?

Wendy Williams Tells Friends To Boycott Enemy? [YouTube]

Wendy Williams is allegedly telling her friends to ignore her biggest enemy. Wendy’s talk show ended in June and is making way for Sherri Shepherd’s new eponymous show come Fall 2022. The 58-year-old doesn’t want her circle of friends to promote or appear on the series.

Wendy has already shared her thoughts on Sherri’s new show. She doesn’t wish her well. In fact, she sees her as an archenemy.

Even Wendy’s own fans think Sherri took advantage of this opportunity to score her own talk show, which has been years in the making. Sherri admitted her lifelong dream come true.

Wendy Williams Wants Friends To Boycott Show [YouTube]

Wendy Williams asks friends to boycott Sherri’s new show

An insider told The Sun that Wendy Williams is feeling frantic about Sherri’s new show. She’s been allegedly calling her inner group and telling them to boycott it. She doesn’t want to see them supporting Sherri or her new talk show. Wendy doesn’t even want to hear about it.

“Wendy has been calling her friends and saying don’t go on the Sherri show and don’t promote it,” an insider told The Sun. “Nick Cannon said he won’t support Sherri no one else should either, but the thing is – Nick doesn’t have his talk show anymore, so it’s no skin off his nose to distance himself.”

Sherri Shepherd To Replace Wendy Williams [YouTube]
Wendy Williams is also demanding anyone from the Real Housewives franchise not go on the show. She feels that her celebrity friends should remain loyal to her. However, they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to appear on Sherri’s new show, especially when they have something to promote.

Sherri and her team are gearing up for her new talk show. Production already cleaned out Wendy Williams’ old belongings and memorabilia. They started designing the show in the New York City studio on Monday, August 15. Sherri plans to make her talk show more “friendly” to both guests and viewers.

Throws shade at her predecessor?

Sherri played nice when she was guesting hosting The Wendy Williams Show. Now, she’s throwing shade at her predecessor. She wants fans to know that she will be more “positive” than Wendy was. While throwing shade, Sherri declared that she won’t be salty about anyone else.

“Let’s be clear, I’m not a mean person at all!” Sherri told Daily Mail. “I’m all about positive energy. I’m about joy. I’m about kindness and laughter. Anyone that knows me will tell you just that.”

Wendy Williams Hot Topic Segment [YouTube]
She also added that her show will be a “celebrity-friendly zone.” As fans know, Wendy loved to throw shade at celebrities during “Hot Topics.” It was one of her specialties and made her who she is today. She also received criticism for the way she treated people.

What are your thoughts? Do you plan to watch Sherri’s new show? Do you miss Wendy Williams on TV? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Wendy is so unprofessional and rude She has been washed up for years. Mean to staff and incoherent most days. Good Luck to the futures of the whole staff. Don’t care for the way Sherri flaunts her body around and wish her new bosses will take her down. Her sexy actions are over the top.

  2. Sherri Shepherd as guest co-host on The Wendy Williams Show was the only guest host I didn’t like. I liked Michael Rapaport and the others a lot better. I will not be watching this Sherri Shepherd talk show and I hope she will be replaced by one of the other guest hosts.

  3. Yes! I will most definitely watch Sherri Shepherd. I didn’t like Wendys show at all. It was to much hate on her show. Sherri has a beautiful spirit. And I hope and pray that her show will flourish beyond all of our expectations! Gods many blessings to you Sherri…

  4. Wendy did not originate the words “Hot Topics” as it came directly from The View YEARS before Wendy had even begun her show. But I AM shocked at Nick Cannon — unless he never said those things about Sherri’s show.

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