‘The Wendy Williams Show’ Deleted From The Internet?

The Wendy Williams Show Deleted From The Internet? [YouTube]

The Wendy Williams Show was removed from the internet. It’s as if the iconic daytime show never happened. Last month, the show came to an end after 14 years. The final episode of the show aired Friday, June 17.

Production quickly started discarding memorabilia from the set. They started with the large purple chair and wigs. Thankfully, Wendy has retrieved some of the items and has shown some of them off in an interview with TMZ. Sadly, her show is also disappearing from the internet.

Her team has deleted the social media accounts, including the official YouTube channel. Fans noticed they can no longer watch old episodes of The Wendy Williams Show. Read on to learn more.

Wendy Williams Gets Her Chair Back [YouTube]

Former talk show retrieves her iconic memorabilia

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy Williams snagged her purple chair and wigs that were headed for the dump. Production did a clean sweep of the set after the show’s finale. Wendy and her manager Will Selby arranged a trip back to the studio to retrieve the items. Insiders close to the production said that if Wendy never retrieved her items, they would’ve ended up in the dump.

“We took it from the show. When they announced the show was over, I said to Wendy let’s go get your stuff,” Will explained. “I thought, ‘Why should it stay there – so people can sell it on eBay?’ There were some things I felt were iconic.”

The Wendy Williams Show Disappears From The Internet? [YouTube]
Wendy Williams managed to get her purple chair back. She sat on it during her bizarre interview on TMZ Live. Fans couldn’t help but notice how different she looked during that interview. She opened up about her ongoing health battle with lymphedema.

At one point, Wendy held up her swollen foot to the camera. The former television host also kept repeating herself when she talked about her podcast. Wendy no longer wants to return to television. She believes podcasts are where it’s at when it comes to making big money.

The Wendy Williams Show disappears from the internet

Fans also noticed that The Wendy Williams Show YouTube channel is no longer available. It had over 2 million followers and thousands of hours of past interviews and “Hot Topic” segments. In addition, all of the social media channels behind the show were taken down.

There are no more traces of The Wendy Williams Show online except when it comes to fan videos and animated GIFs. It’s as if the show never happened in the first place. Fans said Wendy was done dirty by production when they canceled her namesake show. She was credited for bringing pop culture topics to daytime television.

What are your thoughts on The Wendy Williams Show being removed from the internet? Does this surprise you? Do you think it’s a disgrace to the talk show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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