Fans Say Network Did Wendy Williams Dirty On Final Day?

Fans Say Network Did Wendy Williams Dirty On Final Day? [Vlad TV | YouTube]

The Wendy Williams Show ended on Friday, June 17. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans say the producers did her dirty by pulling her namesake show out from under her. In February 2022, the network announced that they canceled the original talk show and will replace it with Sherri Shepherd’s new show in the fall. Wendy had plans to return to her show, but she ran out of time.

She went on an extended hiatus in September 2021 due to her ongoing health problems. On top of that, she has to deal with financial issues stemming from her legal battle with Wells Fargo. She doesn’t have access to her frozen bank accounts. Fans accused the network of doing Wendy dirty again. Find out what they had to say.

Network Did Wendy Williams Dirty? [The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Wendy Williams fans upset with the network

Wendy Williams fans are not happy with the final episode. They claim the network snubbed her from the series. However, it was initially reported that Wendy was the one who snubbed the show. She didn’t want to make an appearance because she was bitter about how this situation unfolded.

Some fans took notice of the video montage, which was only seven minutes long. They saw that it didn’t include all of her iconic moments on the daytime talk show. Most fans took to Twitter to send love to Wendy Williams as her show went off the air. Others were upset with the network for not having her return for the final broadcast. Wendy hasn’t sat in her big purple chair for almost a year.

  • “I think it’s kinda foul/disrespectful to have the last episode of Wendy, without Wendy.”
  • “The ‘machine’ doesn’t care.”
  • “What a weird show.”
  • “Welcome to the final #WendyWilliams show. Let’s talk about her like she’s dead cuz we didn’t invite her here today…”
  • “How is @WendyWilliams last show and don’t have her host show smfh.”
Wendy Williams Gets Love From Fans [The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Did the showrunners rush the tribute?

Wendy Williams fans were particularly not happy with the tribute montage. They argued that it looked more like an afterthought. Some fans noted that it was just a “mashup of all the teasers.” It wasn’t the proper tribute that they were hoping for.

Fans think the network should’ve done better for the original host who broke the mold when it came to daytime television. Wendy Williams was ahead of the curve by talking about pop culture topics. The 57-year-old promised a return to television this summer. During her interview with Good Morning America, she insisted that she would make a big return.

What are your thoughts on the final episode of The Wendy Williams Show? Did you like the tribute? Do you agree the network did her dirty? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. The show, since Wendy’s absence, was so much fun to watch. The hosts did the hot topics in their own styles, and they all included the rest of the staff, something Wendy never did. We finally saw Suzanne’s personality as she seemed to be allowed to do more than agree with whatever Wendy said. Rarely did we meet the rest of the staff when Wendy was there. All the guest host brought them in front of the camera. Again, something Ms Williams did not do. I do not think Wendy had many friends on the show. Suzanne, who interacted with Wendy, never mentioned Wendy after she left the show. I do not think she was well liked. I think she was not missed. And I do believe the ‘tribute’ or lack thereof, was the way they all got back at her. The way you treat people is what people will remember always.

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