Wendy Williams REJECTS Offer To Appear On Show One Last Time

Wendy Williams REJECTS Offer To Appear On Show One Last Time [Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Wendy Williams rejected an offer to appear on the show one last time. She reportedly doesn’t want to speak to her beloved “Wendy watchers.” She doesn’t want to support her namesake daytime show, even as it moves on without her. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, The Wendy Williams Show will end on Friday, June 17.

They plan to give the original host a video tribute. In February 2022, the show was canceled after 13 successful years. Production will move forward with Sherri Shepherd’s new show, Sherri, which will premiere in Fall 2022. Wendy has no interest in appearing in the final since she feels betrayed.

Wendy Williams Refuses To Speak To Fans [Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Wendy Williams will NOT appear on the farewell episode

According to a new report, Wendy Williams has no plans to give a farewell message to her fans. She still feels bitter about what happened. Even though her fans supported her over the years, Wendy doesn’t want to give them a final goodbye. On Tuesday, June 14, an insider told The Sun that the television personality declined to film a farewell message.

Producers asked Wendy Williams to appear in the season finale, but she refused. She doesn’t want to speak to the audience and viewers who have supported her over the years. Fans were hoping to get a glimpse of Wendy before the show ended.

“They were not doing it live, but asked Wendy for pre-taped video,” an insider told The Sun. “She still said no. She’s not at peace with what happened. She’s not happy with it.”

Wendy Williams Talks To Fans [Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
Wendy Williams was on hiatus in September 2021. She was battling ongoing health issues at the time. A series of celebrity guest hosts filled her spot on the show. Wendy teased a return to television but didn’t reveal when it would happen.

She ultimately lost her eponymous show. Producers noticed that episodes fronted by Sherri boasted ratings, which led to their decision to can Wendy’s show. Sherri will take over and be the new face moving forward. She’s excited about this new direction in her life.

Production is DONE with the show

The Wendy Williams Show has already started cleaning house. They will be moving forward with the new set after the final show airs later this week. It won’t take them long to make the transition.

Sherri Shepherd Plans Takeover [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“Wendy is officially over. They are throwing out sets and merchandise this weekend,” the insider continued. “Nothing is getting stored. They are literally erasing her from the building. Offices are also removing all Wendy stuff. When Sherri officially starts, Wendy’s name will not be mentioned again.”

Wendy Williams promised her fans that she would return to her talk show in a few months. Back in March, she told Good Morning America that it’s not the end of her. However, the news was already out that her show was over for good. There was nothing she can do to bring it back.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams not saying goodbye to her fans? Do you think she should? Will you miss her? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. I missed her a little in the beginning, but I’m over it now. Idk that I would’ve wanted to do a farewell video either. Especially coming from The Wendy Williams Show, I would do my own private farewell to the fans! I’m not a big fan, but Wendy feels betrayed, so why would she help boost the ratings for that day; because you know everybody and their momma’s would be tuned in. It would definitely be the highest rated show on tv Friday.

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