Wendy Williams Spring-Boarding Off Health Issues For Next Venture?

Wendy Williams YouTube

‘Queen Of All Media’ Wendy Williams is all set to map out new ventures after retiring as the host of The Wendy Williams Show. The American broadcaster has set her sight on multiple fresh projects even as health issues ail her.

Wendy Williams Deals With Swollen Feet From Lymphedema

About two weeks after the former Wendy Williams Show host missed the finale of her chat show, she revealed her ongoing health struggles. Wendy stated that she could just feel about 5 percent of her feet which is a result of Lymphedema. The 57-year-old also notes that the condition hasn’t worsened to a situation where she would require a wheelchair.

Wendy Williams YouTube

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She can currently stand up independently. The clever former host found a silver lining in her troubles. As she heals from the health issue, she has found a method to make something out of her health battle. A new business idea came to her in the form of sneakers that cater to the patients suffering from Lymphedema.

As per People.com, the sneakers are designed to help ease the pain in swollen feet caused due to Lymphedema, which stems from the blockage of our lymphatic system. However, Williams didn’t elaborate on the footwear’s business model.

Wendy Williams Hints At Restarting With A Podcast

Williams started her journey as a radio DJ & host, which quickly transitioned into a popular shock jockette in New York. She shared more details about returning to work soon and keeping herself busy via other audio mediums. The TV show host also mentioned that she has enough capital to do something she has never done, like a podcast. She further clarified that there are several influencers with a podcast, but her popularity will get her more money than her previous show.

The renowned media personality also talked about the flexibility that comes with a podcast. She also pointed out the fact that podcasts allow one to even go international with the show, including Europe or France.

Guest Host Sherri Shepherd Praises Williams

Given her ongoing health problems, Williams was unable to return for a majority of the final season of The Wendy Williams Show. This is why Sherri Shepherd, the guest host, closed out the show on her behalf. During the last broadcast of the series, Shepherd praised Williams. She said that no one could replace Wendy Williams. From being a radio DJ to ruling the show for 13 seasons, Wendy sure deserves the title of the Queen Of All Media.

Sherri Shepherd YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Before the makers planned an end for the show, Williams appeared adamant about returning as a host once she regained her health. She mentioned that she has had a few appointments with the doctor and is feeling better. The actress also said that regardless of her age, she feels like a 25-year-old. Although the show is done, for now, the host wished to come back again. She wished to return once her personal errands were taken care of, along with her health.


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