Wendy Williams Snags Purple Chair & Wigs Headed For The Dump

Wendy Williams - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Wendy Williams has reportedly snagged her iconic purple chair and wigs from the set of The Wendy Williams Show. According to her manager, Will Selby, the pair went to retrieve all of the memorabilia from the show that producers planned to toss in the dumpster. Those aren’t the only things they took from the set though.

The End Of The Wendy Williams Show

It was announced earlier this month that The Wendy Williams Show would be coming to an end. The final episode of the talk show aired earlier this month, which meant it was time to start cleaning out the studio. Fans were reportedly heartbroken that Wendy did not make an appearance on the show before it concluded. She has not appeared on the talk show in almost a year.

Wendy Williams - YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

Credit: YouTube/Entertainment Tonight

A source told The Sun that production planned to toss everything from the show. The well-known purple chairs and all of her amazing wigs were set to meet the dumpster. The source said, “Production hadn’t bothered to try to donate the chair to a museum-like The View did with their original table after 10 years. They gave it to The Smithsonian.”

The billboard welcoming people to the show was taken down on June 20, just one business day after the final show was taped. Once production announced that the show was officially over, Wendy’s manager Will Selby had a plan to get some of Wendy’s things back.

What Wendy Williams Took From The Set

Will and Wendy both went back to the set to retrieve anything belonging to her. People on the production crew told Will that, because Wendy never came back to get things, her wigs, chair, and a number of other items would be thrown away.

“We took it from the show. When they announced the show was over, I said to Wendy let’s go get your stuff,” Will said. “I thought ‘Why should it stay there- so people can sell it on eBay?’ There were some things I felt were iconic.” Namely, Wendy’s purple chair and some of her fabulous wigs were going to be tossed in the trash.

Wendy Williams - YouTube/This Happened

Credit: YouTube/This Happened

The pair picked up a few more items as well, including custom shoes and artwork specifically made for Wendy. Once they gathered up what they wanted, they took everything back to Wendy’s apartment. Her long-time manager says that some of it will be used in her next business venture.

Will says that she will bring part of her “old life” into the new setting. Wendy has confirmed that she is working on a podcast, which will likely be hosted from the very same purple chair we’ve seen her in for years.

What do you think about Wendy Williams returning to the set for these items? Will you miss the show?

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