Wendy Williams Says Cancellation News Is A ‘Lie’

Wendy Williams Says Cancellation News Is A Lie [The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Wendy Williams is still in disbelief over the cancellation news. The original talk show host really thought she was returning to her eponymous daytime show. For the past few months, Wendy’s been teasing her fans about her subsequent return. However, she never revealed in what format. The former show even received offers for her own podcast.

But she would rather be on television, where she thinks she belongs. According to a new report, Wendy is in “complete denial” and still believes that she’s returning to her talk show despite the cancellation news. Read on to learn more about what she has to say in light of the cancellation.

Weny Williams Doesn't Believe Cancellation News [The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]

Wendy Williams doesn’t believe the news

An insider told The Sun that Wendy Williams is in “complete denial” over the news. She thinks she’s still returning to her talk show. It could be the reason why Wendy turned down the opportunity to say goodbye to her Wendy watchers. Friday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show will be the last, but she doesn’t think it’s true.

“Despite the announcement yesterday from Debmar Mercury that the show is over, as of last night Wendy was privately telling her close friends that the announcement is lies,” an insider told The Sun. “Wendy is in total and complete denial. If you spoke to her, you wouldn’t know what to believe either — that’s how in denial she is.”

Wendy Williams Refuses To Show Face [The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[The Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
The anonymous source revealed that a close friend of Wendy’s tried to make plans with her after the show ends on Friday. However, she flatly refused. She claimed that she was “busy” and the cancellation news is a “lie.” Wendy strongly feels that she’s going to make a return to her namesake show.

“She hasn’t come to terms that she’s done on TV, that Debmar is done with her, and that she doesn’t have a show,” the source continued. “She’s in absolute and complete denial.”

Unfortunately, Wendy Williams is without a show that she can’t bring back. She doesn’t even have a manager since she fired most of her team. The insider said that she “is not capable” of having her own show right now. Wendy took a step back from the show in September 2021 due to ongoing health issues.

Refuses to say goodbye

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Wendy Williams refuses to say goodbye to her fans. Production is planning a video tribute. But, she refused to film a “pretaped goodbye.” She’s not happy with the way everything turned out. Sherri Shepherd will take her place in September 2022 with her new show, Sherri.


The Wendy Williams Show officially confirmed that the show is now over and the final episode date is on Friday, June 17. What are your thoughts on Wendy not appearing on the show? Do you think she will make a return to television? Sound off below in the comment section.

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