Sherri Shepherd’s Warning From The View’s Joy Behar

Sherri Shepherd On The View [The View | YouTube] The VIew's Joy Behar

Sherri Shepherd has waited for this moment for most of her life. She’s finally getting her own daytime talk show. It happened in the most unlikely of circumstances. Sherri was one of the celebrity guest hosts who helped fill in on The Wendy Williams Show when the namesake talk show host went on an extended hiatus.

Little did Sherri know this would lead to a new opportunity in her life. She previously co-hosted The View, which is known for its controversial conversations. Sherri says that being on the show helped her prepare for her new talk show. She received advice from her former co-hosts over the years which she’s putting to good use.

Sherri Shepherd On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Sherri Shepherd is ready to have her own show

Sherri Shepherd has had a successful career in television. However, she had no idea that it would lead to her own show one day. In an exclusive interview with EW, she revealed the advice she got from her peers. She’s using it for her own talk show.

The View creator Barbara Walters told Sherri to “always be curious,” “ask questions,” and “never take no for an answer.” She shared that Whoopi Goldberg told her that “it’s never about you, it’s always for someone else” and that she should “take [the pressure] off of you, and know that you’re taking people on a journey.”

Sherri Shepherd Guest Hosts Wendy Williams Show [Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
[Wendy Williams Show | YouTube]
Joy Behar has been on The View alongside Sherri Shepherd for several seasons. She gave her a forewarning upon joining the show: “The moment you open your mouth, half the world is going to hate you.” That was the case when Sherri shared some of her controversial and uncanny views on the talk show.

Sherri Shepherd admitted that comedian Rosie O’Donnell gave her “the best advice” of them all. “She told me how much money she makes,” She laughed as she told EW. She also revealed that Joan Rivers told her that “funny girls will always work.”

Sherri also looks to some of her peers in the industry. Her 30 Rock collaborator Tina Fey advised her to “just do it” when it came to getting what she wants. She wants to put all of this advice to good use on her show, which will debut on Monday, September 12.

Sherri Shepherd On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Set to replace Wendy Williams?

There’s one person she didn’t mention in the interview and that’s Wendy Williams. Sherri Shepherd knows there will be a lot of comparison between the two. The media loves to pit women against women. Sherri previously said that she wants to focus on spreading positivity on her show.

That’s one less she took from her predecessor. There’s no question that the cancellation of The Wendy Williams Show helped Sherri to launch her own. What are your thoughts on the advice she’s received over the years? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Sherri will be fine. She’s already drawing the audience in with her comedic wit. Yes she’s coming behind Wendy Williams and her fan base, but Sherri’s been at it a long time and can hold her own. I heard that Wendy feels that she was stabbed in the back. She should speak to her ex about that because that’s what happens when you let someone as close as your spouse run things on your behalf. It’s unfortunate that Wendy’s health and other things went south for her, but none of that is Sherri’s fault. At least the Wendy Williams Show crew still have jobs. That should count for something.

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