‘The View’ Fans Want Big Changes For Season 26

The View Fans Want Big Changes For Season 26 [The View | YouTube]

The View fans want big changes for Season 26. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the trailer for the upcoming season came out this week. Fans have been buzzing about the upcoming season, which isn’t pulling any punches. Speaking of punches, Ana Navarro came out with her fists swinging.

The new permanent host is looking for a fight. Fans are looking forward to seeing what she will bring to the round table. First, viewers want to see some major changes take place. They feel that if the daytime show doesn’t undergo an overhaul, it will make for a “boring” new season.

Ana Navarro Joins The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View Season 26 trailer drops

Earlier this week, The View dropped the promo for Season 26. It promises an all-new season with all-new views and celebrity guests. The talk show also had a new attitude. Just before the show went on hiatus, it was reported that Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin would become the new hosts.

They’re both replacing the spot that was previously left by Meghan McCain. Some fans are excited about the upcoming season. They also felt good after watching the promo. They’re hoping that the show will live up to its promise.

“Oh, we’re gonna be fed so good,” one fan wrote.

“Boo, Alyssa Farah. Won’t watch with her on. Love Ana Navarro,” another disappointed fan said.

There have been mixed views about Alyssa joining the round table. Fans think the table is getting crowded by having two new hosts. Others think the former conservative CNN panelist is too controversial for the show. She received a lukewarm response when she made her debut at the table earlier this summer.

Some fans were left underwhelmed by the announcement. While one noted that they “love when she’s on,” they feel that “she needs to be more aggressive.” Another fan demanded, “Get someone better.” Now, the fans are making more demands for the new season.

The View Fans Want New Set [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

What do the viewers want?

Most of The View fans took to Twitter to share their input. They feel that the talk show will have the same “boring” format if they don’t make major changes with Season 26. So far, the co-host panel is the only thing that’s changed. Fans are curious to see if other changes will be underway.

The View Hosts Are Ready [The View | Twitter]
[The View | Twitter]
The View is set to return on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. The caption in the promo teased that the “countdown” is on for a season of “new views” and “new co-hosts.” However, fans want some other newness to take place. They’re hoping that the show will change the graphics for Season 26.

  • “Anyone else just praying for a new or updated set/colors/graphics?????”
  • “I would love a new set! I think the updates for Season 25 were good and will probably last another year, but in terms of the bare bones they’ve had this set since 2014! Time for a change.”
  • “Do you think they’ll get a smaller table this year? The Bahamas table looked smaller, who knows!”
  • “Something’s shifting. New aesthetic coming? Remodeling? 7th cohost announcement soon?”

What are your thoughts? Do you think major changes need to come to Season 26? If so, what would you like to see? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. I am happy about both co hosts. Think they will both share their views appropriately and respectfully n professionally regardless of difference in opinions. Unlike Meghan McCain who made herself a continuous victim of the panel n now trashes her cohosts
    With disturbing negativity. Good luck gals in Season 26. Will be an exciting year

  2. The show is supposed to represent the “View” of different sides. I am happy with the choices they made. Both of these women are very smart and bring what is going on inside to the table. The show should not just be a Liberal show. An Independent should also be considered one day.

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