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‘SW’: Kody Brown Fears Christine’s New Man Will Steal From Him?

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Kody Brown had a very hard time letting go of his marriage to his third wife, Christine. In the Season 17 premiere of Sister Wives, he had to address with her why she moved him out. In doing so, he learned what her plan was when all was said and done. Of course, he was not a fan and did all he could to sway her the other way.

Kody Brown Tries Every Scare Tactic

Christine kept trying to get through to Kody that their marriage was over. Unfortunately, he just was not hearing her. Admittedly, they both had not been in a successful marriage for quite some time. In Christine’s mind, it had been a struggle for over a decade though her husband did not see it that way. Finally, she revealed that she would be leaving Flagstaff and moving back to Utah. This broke Kody to the point that he was gritting his teeth, thus talking through them.

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He felt that she would be breaking up the family and did not want her to take their youngest child, Truely. Kody kept saying that she was taking their kids but she was actually the only minor as Ysabel was on the precipice of going to college. He then proceeded to tell her she should find a man, get married, and bring him into the family. That was what adults do, after all. Yet, Kody was not done. He went on to remind Christine that Utah is the least friendly when it comes to polygamy.

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Kody came up with this whole scenario that Christine would meet a man who was anti-polygamy but was using her for her fame. Then, this greedy new boyfriend would ultimately take all of Kody’s money out of greed and spite. How does he know this? Because he has seen it happen. In the end, Kody made Christine promise that she would never let something like that happen. On her part, this reaffirmed to her that she made the right choice leaving because he was scary.

What Does He Actually Have?

Though Kody Brown said he paid for Christine’s home and all of the stuff in it, there was a time he owed back taxes. More so, his fourth wife, Robyn does not work and no one is quite certain as to what he does. The family makes an income from the show but Christine is the one to be cautious. She has done quite well with her MLMs and even told Kody she learned through the pandemic that she can do things on her own.

What do you think of Kody’s desperate attempt to keep Christine in Flagstaff? Did she make the right choice or should she have stayed for the family? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Thank God she left. Kody just wants her money to support Sobyn Robyn.

    I hope she finds a wonderful man that treats her and her kids right.

  2. I feel money isn’t the answer. She pretty and has far more going for her, than Kody has going for himself. I think when it was written on Kody’s income by one person, don’t remember who now but claimed he had an income of just under $8,000 a month from his father’s investments. Everyone else says he doesn’t. I don’t know. But $8,000 a month wouldn’t support four families so doubt if Kody has a lot to steal. My guess the house payments for four families as nice of homes they choose to live in would take every single penny to keep up. Robyn’s kids are all living at home and that within itself would cost a lot. I seriously doubt if he is giving any of his children college money. He doesn’t seem to care that he can’t support then, that they don’t have a real husband and need one with words each day. I do not know if Kody has as much money as some think he might. Robyn may feel and again I don’t know, but possible if it is true, Robyn may feel if she gets rids of other wives Kody can support her and her kids. Who knows, nothing may be real just scripted for TV. Whatever the case might be I honestly believe they can and will remain close as love does cover a lot of wrongs.

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