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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Says Christine Betrayed Him

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Kody Brown says Christine “betrayed him” in an intense new Sister Wives Season 17 teaser. Why does the TLC patriarch feel betrayed? Keep reading for the details and to check out the new teaser.

Christine and Kody Brown split

As TvShowsAce has previously reported, Christine and Kody Brown were together for nearly three decades before calling it quits. Both Christine and Kody took to Instagram a year ago to issue a statement on their split.

Thanks to a massive time gap, fans are not watching the split unfold in the latest season of the series. Christine Brown has been very vocal in interviews as of late about her feelings following the split. Likewise, she’s also been pretty vocal on social media. And, so has her children. But, what about Kody? How does he feel about losing one of his wives?

Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

The TLC star feels betrayed

In a teaser of Sister Wives, you can watch down below, Kody Brown says Christine’s decision to leave him left him feeling betrayed. Kody Brown explains that Christine had been running around behind his back for years telling his other wives she wanted to leave him.

Kody hinted that Christine was misguided if she thought she could make those threats without someone telling him. The TLC star explains he had a hard time finding a way to be intimate with Christine when he heard whispers of her threats to leave. He refused to let her use him as a piece of man meat.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Youtube

From Kody Brown’s point of view, he feels like he did all sorts of things to keep his family together and to make his relationship with Christine work. He, however, feels like she betrayed him instead of just coming to him with her concerns so they could talk about them. From his point of view, his love for Christine died when he learned she was threatening to leave behind his back. So, Kody Brown claims he was betrayed by Christine. And, the coldness he shows toward her now was of her own creation.

Do you think Kody Brown’s feelings about the situation are valid? Or, do you think he’s just trying to drum up sympathy from fans? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back to TvShowsAce for more on Sister Wives.

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