Kody Brown Borrows More BIG Money, Sinks Deeper Into Debt?

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Kody Brown is no stranger to owing money and not making the best financial decisions. He moved his family from Las Vegas to Flagstaff before any of their four homes has even been sold. Furthermore, he put money down on a large piece of land, Coyote Pass, that still has yet to be truly built on. With vacant land, all four of his wives were forced to find living accommodations. Two rented and two bought their homes. However, it appears it was too much of a financial strain. Now, Kody and his only legal wife, Robyn are seemingly looking for more money.

Kody Brown’s Past Financial Struggles

Viewers never knew exactly what Kody Brown did to earn a living. When Sister Wives first premiered in 2010, he and his then three wives lived under one roof. By the time they moved to Vegas, they bought four individual homes in a cul-de-sac. Everyone tried to pitch in to help with expenses as they went from three wives to four and twelve kids to eventually eighteen. Kids were growing up and attending college, Maddie and Mykelti both got married in the same year, things were getting costly.

Sister Wives Meri - Robyn - Kody - Janelle - Christine Brown
Sister Wives Meri – Robyn – Kody – Janelle – Christine Brown

In 2018, Kody decided it was time for a change and the family upped and went to Flagstaff. Luckily, Christine, Meri, and Janelle were making their own incomes. They had secured their own businesses but it did not help that the land they bought would take time to build on. It was not until late 2020 that the Browns finally divided up the lots amongst five people. During this time, the four Vegas homes still had to be sold while Christine and Robyn purchased new homes in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives - Meri Brown - Christine brown
Sister Wives YouTube

In early 2021, it was revealed that Kody owed around three thousand dollars in back taxes. He owed one grand on the home he shares with Robyn and two grand on the Coyote Pass land. Now it appears he is desperate for money.. Could it be because Christine has left the family and her income has been taken away? The Hollywood Gossip shared the details.

Kody And Robyn In A Financial Hole

In Season 16, airing now on TLC, Kody Brown is scrutinizing Meri, Janelle, and Christine for living their lives. One thing about Meri is she has not stopped working. She noted this on the most recent episode that she is running two businesses so she is keeping on her game. The same can be said for Janelle and Christine. However, as aforementioned, fans still question what Kody and Robyn do for employment. As of now, they have paid off their back taxes. Yet, they are still struggling to get ahead.

Photo Credit: ‘Sister Wives’/ TLC

According to THG, Kody and Robyn were just approved for an urgent home loan by Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. The loan is valued at 130K according to the Home Equity Line of Credit Deed of Trust. When applying, Kody noted that “time is of the essence” meaning he needed the loan ASAP. The couple still owes a little over half a million dollars in their home mortgage.

It has yet to be seen if Christine’s departure from the series will impact the life of the show. This would ultimately further hinder Kody’s financial well-being as this is his major source of income. He can also be found on Cameo.

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  1. I don’t understand why Robin needs a nanny if she doesn’t even work. I faithfully watch every week and with Cody telling Janelle she needed to choose the boys or him was crazy. He is pretty selfish.

  2. Kody controls. When sisters leave him and get counseling..they will understand ..and Kody gets more desperate as they leave. Saying she is full of sh..Time for sisters to defend and object to his speaking bout her in this way.

  3. I would much rather the “Sister Wives” would be about Janelle, Merri, and Christine only. Kody and Robin are extremely hard to watch anymore. I would rather just see what those three wives are up to now that Kody doesn’t seem to care about them anymore.

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