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Ugly Fight Erupts Between Whoopi Goldberg & Sunny Hostin

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An ugly fight erupted between Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin. The two continued fighting behind the scenes and Sara Haines jumped in. Things got heated between the trio. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Whoopi is back to her old ways once again.

Sunny argued with both the actress and Sara on the Thursday, September 8 episode of “Hot Topics.” There’s no secret that things get tense during the segment. However, this topic had the ladies fighting behind the scenes. Read on to learn what happened and to see what caused the fight in the first place.

The View Hosts [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View: Fight escalated behind the scenes

When the cameras turned off, the fight got worse. Whoopi Goldberg argued with both Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin. The commercial break only made things worse. Sunny continued to argue with her co-hosts about the two topics they covered. One segment was about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s GQ interview. She shared that she would love to see a woman of color become president.

However, she doesn’t feel that the U.S. is there yet. Alexandria shared her experience with being a woman of color in politics. She’s gotten her fair share of hate for sharing her opinion.

“I want her to start remembering that what we do need her to do, is they all need to get together, all these women, every one of them, need to get together and say, ‘How do we move this forward?'” Whoopi Goldberg explained.

Sunny Hostin & Alyssa Farah Griffin On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Her co-host Sunny called her out for her “criticism of AOC for a long time.” Whoopi’s problem with Alexandria is that she rarely shows praise for the women in the past. The Oscar winner explained that “she doesn’t recognize or acknowledge” those women.

Sunny interrupted her: “I’ve spoken with her personally and she always…”

Whoopi Goldberg fired back: “I’ve spoken with her too!”

Sunny defended AOC’s support for “those who have come before” her. She argued that most of the criticism has to do with her age. Things got heated before the show went to commercial break. An insider told The Sun that they continued to fight behind the scenes.

Sunny Hostin fights Whoopi Goldberg & Sara Haines

Before the break, Whoopi Goldberg argued that there needs to be more respect for the women who came before her. Sunny started arguing with both Whoopi and Sara. At one point, she slammed her fist on the table in frustration.

“When the women went to commercial break, Sunny continued to fight with Whoopi,” the alleged eyewitness told The Sun. “At one point, Sunny made a fist and was slamming it on the table. Both of the women made angry gestures with their hands during the heated exchange.”

Whoopi Goldberg & Sara Haines On The View
[The View | YouTube]
They also addressed Olivia Wilde’s controversies surrounding her new film, Don’t Worry Darling. Sara said she read the interview and had questions about Olivia casting Harry Styles over Shia LaBeouf due to the abuse allegations. Sunny argued that she was only protecting women. Whoopi Goldberg joked with co-host Joy Behar before bringing the show to another commercial break.

Once again, things got worse behind the scenes. The insider said that Sara pointed her finger at Sunny while talking to her. Sunny allegedly yelled, “She’s a liar” to Sara about Olivia. Things were definitely tense that day.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin feuding? What are your thoughts on Sunny and Sara’s beef? Do you believe there’s some truth to that? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. That show needs to be taken off the air forever. I watched it from the beginning and then everything got to point of verbal abuse. I don’t believe that this was Barbara Walters’ idea of what she wanted. They are rude to each other and scream and hollar. END THEIR MISERY!

    1. It’s obviously you aren’t aware what Barbara Walters intentions for the View. It’s supposed to be a panel of Women disagreeing/agreeing on everyday Issues in America Homes.

      The View has always had the Women in heated conversations at the table. That’s why there ratings are so high and the longest show to be aired. Beating out copycat shows like the Talk etc …

      I remembered when Barbara Walters was on the show from the beginning of the View when she got into heated conversations with some of the Women. They didn’t let up on her just because she was the founder of the show or in the Journalism Industry for over 30 plus years. The View is getting better as time goes by.

    2. I kinda of agree. I don’t think it should be taken off the air though. I like the guests and the questions they ask, though I do not like the hosts at times due to their combativeness. I do not like how they treated Megan McCain. I rarely agreed with Megan, but I like how she expressed her views. If they do not get their act together, someone above their paygrade may make an unpleasant decision for all of them.

  2. I enjoy the VIEW so much that I DVR daily so I don’t miss an episode. However, part of my attraction to the show is the diverse views among the hosts. Like in any family or group there are going to be differences and that’s ok as long as no one holds a grudge. And, I don’t believe that they do hold grudges however sometimes I have concerns about Sonny not being able to let go of things. Lastly to add my thoughts to AOC which are similar to Whoopie’s we must remember those women who helped lead the way. More accolades openly must be expressed! AOC is young and we older more experienced individuals must remind her that she Did not do this solely on her own strength!

  3. I believe it’s a show for self promotion and fake drama. It’s all for $$$$ and show. You’re appealing to the lowest emotional level of the human. in the future state your case, if you believe it’s true and stop talking. TRUTH DOES NOT NEED TO BE DEFENDED!

  4. It’s time for everyone to understand that is what Barbara wanted from the show. Much controversy between the host during the back and forward discussions. I love the show it keeps us on our toes

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