The View: Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Sunny Hostin Over Elderly Debate

Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At Sunny Hostin Over Elderly Debate


Whoopi Goldberg exploded at Sunny Hostin over a heated elderly debate. The View hosts argued during a recent broadcast of the morning talk show. This comes after Sunny debated with newbie Alyssa Farah Griffin. Fans also noticed that she gave her the side-eye during a shortened version of The $100,000 Pyramid.

The panelists shocked fans with their latest outburst. This comes amid the reports of some of their rude behavior to the fans. Whoopi is the one who acted up on a recent episode of the talk show. She got into a debate about elderly people who are in debt after decades of school.

Sunny Hostin Sparks Debate [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg lashes out at Sunny Hostin

The 66-year-old actress got heated up about a hot topic debate on The View. Whoopi Goldberg brought up a news story that covered older people in the U.S. who end up in debt from their student loans. She felt that the government should forgive the student loans as it’s a growing problem.

“Listen, these are the loans you need to forgive. Because people who are in their seventies and eighties may not be making the same money they made in their fifties and sixties,” Whoopi Goldberg explained. “You need to forgive this. You need to forgive this, this is ridiculous.”

Her co-host Sunny Hostin shared her view. She mentioned that the younger students and alumni are struggling as well. Whoopi wasn’t here for it. She immediately cut her off.

Whoopi Goldberg Explodes At TV [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
“Well, let’s talk about the older folks because you’re just really forgiving the young folks and this is no slam on old people but if you have worked your behind off, you’ve tried to move yourself up the ladder,” Whoopi Goldberg continued. “You talk about people who can’t get gas, they can’t buy food, they can’t put their children through any kind of college?”

That’s when the Color Purple star exploded at Sunny. She erupted and yelled: “That’s because they’re paying off these freaking student debts!” Whoopi spoke into the camera and begged the U.S. government to do something about this problem. That’s when she cut to break.

The View host has been getting testy lately

Fans noticed that Whoopi Goldberg has been testy lately. She’s made headlines for her on-air outbursts and on-screen behavior. Earlier this week, she mentioned a story about a woman who wrote to Miss Manners. She argued that greeting people in the morning is unnecessary “especially when things are not good.”

This led to a heavy discussion between her co-hosts Sunny, Joy Behar, and Sara Haines. Joy said it’s “too cheerful.” Then she asked Whoopi if she can read people’s minds. The Sister Act star fired back, “I don’t know! I’m just asking the question.” The hosts also mentioned that Sara is too cherry in the mornings when they arrive at the set.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg exploding on Sunny? Do you agree with her that the government should forgive student loans? What are your thoughts on these heavy debates on The View? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Both Whoppi and Sunny have been hard to watch lately. Sunny’s constant faces and eye rolling is unprofessional. Her constantly saying anyone who votes Replicant is complicit is very un American,what she only wants one party ?
    Whoopi shuts down anyone who disagrees with her . Barbara Walters original idea for the show was to bring in a multigenerational panel, not politically opposed. I’ve watched the view since the beginning, now it just seems people only want to see controversy.

    1. I cannot believe that this show is still on the air. Now, Whoopi thinks that morning greetings are not necessary. What is our society becoming, not much if people continue to listen to these ignorant women!! I am a teacher, and can’t imagine ignoring and not greeting twenty-four sweet children each day. Shame on Whoopi and Co. Just go away already!!

    2. I’ve always admired Whoopi for always having the courage to be consistently honest with her comments! Too often now lies are considered to be the truth!
      I get the same kind of crap for being so honest!
      Keep on keepin’ on Whoopi!

  2. Whoopie is getting older (I’m 71) and the older we get the crankier we sometimes get. Over time you’ll see it progress. Look at Biden! Perfect example.

  3. Why are you Always targeting Whoopi for bullying .
    You should be listening to what’s she saying instead!!

    1. Why, they are all hateful and disrespectful. It is either conform to their opinions or you are a racist Trump supporter.

      1. I personally can’t stand Whoopi as a person, awesome actress, but outside of acting, she’s terrible…..HOWEVER as a 37 year old whom was still in debt for his student loans in my early 20’s…. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with where Goldberg stands on this. We as a younger generation can and have worked off most if not all of our student debt. Those in their 70’s and up are still being taken advantage of by a broken system. It needs to change. I agree 100%, get rid of the FRIGGEN interest rates. Stop adding it to debt collectors, they get paid even if a debt is taken care of. Let these people pay off their debt CORRECTLY before they die, otherwise their kids and grandkids are left paying for them too. And as far as this post goes about Whoopi flying off the handle, you’re nuts if you think she’s angry. She’s passionate about how she feels. I get the same way about things I’m passionate about.

  4. The view ladies r all getting on my nerves lately . Whoopsie acts like sn Army Sgt ..Joyless Behar is just plain nasty ..Sara Is smarter than any of um & the newest so called conservative is an azz kissing joke.. 4 me the show has no merit & the ‘ladies’ r not happy without a daily dose of Trump hate.. Close the downers down.. Sara keep smiling..

    1. Opinions are just that – opinions. I don’t care for the show, but that’s just me. I’m just not that interested in listening to people yell at each other to prove a point. There’s life out there. I’d rather live it.

  5. Never speak rude of President Trump he’s been the best president in my lifetime and we’ll be get the same heck off the air and go play with the Penguins or something

  6. We are not yet a Commie country, so my taxes should not be used to pay a college education no one was required to incur and many will never need, use, or benefit from.

  7. It’s grown increasingly angry on that show! There’s plenty enough anger around us. I believe the view just stirs the pot. It’s no longer informative. Now its combative. Stressful to even think about watching the show. So I don’t…..

  8. Shut this shit show down. No entertainment value whatsoever. Republican guests are treated so disrespectful. Too biased and political.

  9. Want one party? May I remind you in the beginning the Democrats were for slavery. The Republican Party was formed to be against slavery. After that said the only real reason people like me choose a party is because you have to in order to vote. I think you should have to a citizen not one party or another.

  10. Sunny is a snob, looking down on people who are not in line with her morals. She is out of touch, needs to have a long vacation with reality

  11. I don’t think she disagreed with Sunny….she was just more specific in who to prioritize in giving tuition breaks to. People are making mountains out of mole hills. There was no disagreement occurring here.

  12. Whoopi and Sunny are the worst. This show was supposes to be 5 women with 5 different options discussing those opinions not a hate fest if someone does not agree. As far as student loan debt. People took out those loans with full knowledge they would need to pay it back. If you really want to help people medical dept should be what is forgiven. People don’t rack that up on purpose.

  13. Not an avid watcher but as I was crossing stations I crossed the View and saw Whoopie.
    I was stunned in not a good way when I seen her.
    It brings back images of my aunt when her doctor prescribed Prednisone for her. She had juvenile diabetes and was slim during most of my lifetime. Except for the time she was on that medication. My aunt gained an extraordinary amount of weight that began complicating her insulin routine. After a year or two of that therapy her doctor finally took her off that medication.
    Slowly she began loosing that weight gain that had swollen her up into another
    person, her face had bloated
    her cheeks were puffy and she began growing a second chin. Her torso went from petite to bloated, her old clothes had stopped fitting properly. This continued as she was taking that hormone medication.
    It only stopped when the doctor stopped the prednisone.
    Hormone therapy has insidious side effects on people as mentioned regarding weight gain!
    Hormone therapy can also change how a person’s character or how they balance their moods.
    In athletes it’s called roid rage where disagreements can fly off the usual spectrum into intense anger
    without the willpower to stop it.
    I’m hoping that’s not what’s happening, but it’s not a personality change but a chemically induced change.
    That will stop with the cessation of that med!

  14. I have no understanding on why you keep targeting whippy Goldberg she said nothing inappropriate she did not blow up at anybody this is a pretend story. In other words if I publish it we can pretend it’s true!! American loves Whoopie!!

  15. I missed the Original The View hosts they’re smart,intelligent and not pretending to know the subjects they’re talking about.I am just surprised to see Whoopi with such high caliber journalists( Barbara,Meredith,Lisa ling, Deb matenopoulus,Even Rosie O donnell,)I am not racist but just speaking the truth.Most of the time she talks nonsense and I believe those are the reasons why her co-host doesn’t agree with her most of the time

  16. I love Whoopi’s passion and I feel her frustration with people who just want to blow smoke up peoples asses.

  17. My thoughts is its all political theater and has absolutely nothing to do with real life. Lies and propaganda from the looney leftist and the view leading the way with poor ratings

  18. A bunch of left wing radicals on a show that promotes hate. Hate for anyone with a different opinion than they have. They attack with a fury of hate that has this country torn apart. They adhere to the Oprah strategy of bringing in someone who will disagree with them and their narrow minded audience and attack them with their hate. It is comical to watch them act like they are superior when in reality they are small hate filled radicals.

  19. But Whoopi didn’t explode at Sunny 😂 She’s just upset over the BS with these student loans! I would be upset also!!!!!!!!!!

  20. America in this day and time lives for controversy, it loves the negative and caters to disfunctinalism.This is what gets ratings.My dad always called TV an idiot box.Our moral and ethical decay is only rising. People no longer operate in the now it is some virtual orbit we live in and function off of reaction and feelings.All I can say is JESUS love you and do not go anywhere with out him.

  21. We all have points of view personally the discussion of topics are interesting. Sometimes a little carried away I will continue to watch these ladies they are real and informative. I agree with Whoopi on the student debt.

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