Whoopi Goldberg's Recent Actions On 'The View' Shocks Viewers [Credit: YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg’s Recent Actions On ‘The View’ Shocks Viewers


Whoopi Goldberg’s recent actions on The View shocked viewers. This comes after she took a leave of absence earlier this year for her insensitive remarks. Not a day goes by when something controversial happens on the daytime talk show. The co-hosts weren’t arguing this time around.

They got into a little fun. Whoopi Goldberg send fans into a tizzy when she sprayed co-host Sunny Hostin with water. It all started when they discussed Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams’ nude body in his new stage play.

Photos and videos of the buff star leaked on social media earlier this week. He currently stars in the theater show, Take Me Out, which is about baseball. The plot offered more than just that. Fans didn’t expect to get a full-frontal shot of him.

Whoopi Goldberg Shocks Fans [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

Whoopi Goldberg tries to be funny

During the latest episode of The View, the women couldn’t stop talking about Jesse Williams’ muscular body and package. Sunny Hostin gushed over the naked drama actor. Whoopi Goldberg thought she needed to cool down. She took out a spray bottle and sprayed her co-host with water.

Whoopi told Sunny that she needs to “cool off.” She argued that people would be “pulling [their] hair out” if nude photos of an actress leaked on the internet and not an actor. The other co-hosts noted that Jesse himself said he wasn’t bothered by it. He claims that his body is just the average human body.

Whoopi Goldberg Tells Sunny Hostin To Cool It [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
However, fans of the stud beg to differ. They think he’s certainly packing, especially after they saw the lewd photos on Twitter. Jesse Williams’ name trended most of the week on the social media platform. Sunny continued to lust over Jesse’s body as she discussed the photos.

She claims that her friends sent them to her. Sunny admitted that she looked at them “for a ridiculously long time.” The commentator felt better when the actor said he wasn’t ashamed because she couldn’t stop looking at him. Sunny added that Jesse looked like a “statue” and claimed that he was a “beautiful” sculpture.

Sunny Hostin Gushes Over Jesse Williams [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

The View fans react to Whoopi’s cooldown

That’s when Whoopi Goldberg got up from her chair and grabbed her spray bottle to cool down Sunny. The 66-year-old doused her co-host with water. Fans of The View took to Twitter to share their reaction. Most of them were in shock over how Whoopi Goldberg reacted.

  • “Saw someone say about Whoopi spraying Sunny! And I just saw it! Wow lol.”
  • “I love that Whoopi uses that spray bottle to cool off Sunny.”
  • “Whoopi basically just told her to cool down, after she was kinda mesmerizing about Jesse Williams being naked.”

Jesse Williams trended on Twitter for this shocking reason. An audience member who went to see Take Me Out broke the rules about filming the actor and his co-stars. They leaked a nude shot of him, which was taken during a shower scene. Fans joked that they will buy tickets to see that show for themselves in person.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg cooling down Sunny? Did you find it funny? What are your thoughts on Jesse’s photos? Sound off below in the comment section.

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