‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Writer Caught In Big Lies As Disney Investigates?

Grey’s Anatomy has been a staple of ABC for over a decade now. Time and time again, the hit medical show brings in lots of viewers. The show is particularly known for its onscreen drama. But now, one of the writers might be in some pretty hot water.

There’s even an investigation brewing now. Keep reading to find out what’s going on in this offscreen scandal.

Disney launches an investigation into a Grey’s Anatomy team member

Variety reports that Disney Television Studios is investigating Grey’s writer Elisabeth Finch. According to the publication, the investigation takes place “following questions about personal stories and essays she has written and shared in the past.”

Variety goes on to say that Finch allegedly used her own medical history to inspire some of the more dramatic Grey’s Anatomy storylines. She reportedly had a history of rare bone cancer, lost part of her leg, and had a knee replacement surgery. But those reports may not be entirely true.

The publication cites an Ankler report that indicates, “there are serious concerns within Shondaland and Disney that at least parts of Finch’s life story she shared in the writers room and with press were made up.”

But Elisabeth Finch doesn’t just serve as a consulting producer for Grey’s. She also appeared as a nurse onscreen before.

This is a story that is still unfolding and it might be a while before we have any concrete answers. But this is certainly important information that Grey’s Anatomy viewers will be interested to know.

Keep checking back with us for any updates on this developing situation.

Ellen Pompeo pushes for the medical drama to come to an end

We already know that Grey’s Anatomy will be back for Season 19 this fall. But is it coming to an end anytime soon? The show’s star Ellen Pompeo definitely thinks it’s time to hang up her scrubs.

We’ve all loved Grey’s since 2005. But how much longer can it possibly go on?

Grey’s Anatomy/ABC

Pompeo gave an interview with Insider expressing her desire for the medical drama to wrap up.

“​I feel like I’m the super naive one who keeps saying, ‘But what’s the story going to be, what story are we going to tell?'” she told the publication. “And everyone’s like, ‘Who cares, Ellen? It makes a gazillion dollars.'”

One thing is certain — the day that the show finally comes to an end will be quite a day in television history.

Have you been keeping up with the latest Grey’s Anatomy season? Do you also think it should end soon? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. Keep following us online for the latest television news. We’ll be here to fill you in.

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