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Steven Assanti Escapes Death, Dances Naked For Fans

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Steven Assanti of My 600-Lb. Life escaped death and celebrated by dancing naked for his fans via TikTok recently. The TLC personality let it all hang out as he revealed he was back and better than ever baby! “Dance baby dance” an Instagram fan account declared in their caption of Assanti as he jiggled every inch of his nude body for his followers.

My 600 lb Life: Steven Assanti


How did Steven Assanti escape death?

As we reported in December of 2021, Steven Assanti was hospitalized about a month ago. His hospitalization and near-death experience, however, had nothing to do with his weight. Turns out, Steven was struggling with some rough COVID-19 complications. He was also suffering from pneumonia. His condition was so touch-and-go for a while that he took to Instagram to ask for prayers.

Steve Assanti

My 600-Lb. Life fans later questioned if he was dead or alive following his hospitalization. Fortunately, Steven did take to Instagram to reassure his followers he had escaped death. He was very much alive and still kicking. Unfortunately for those who still hold on to hope for his weight loss journey, it doesn’t appear as though he’s made much progress in that category.

Dr Now - Steve Assanti

Naked dances for fans in celebration

Steven Assanti dropped a TikTok video of himself dancing naked that confirmed he was still very much alive. The video appeared to have been uploaded on TikTok first before being re-uploaded to Instagram. A quick dive into TikTok reveals his TikTok account has recently been banned for multiple community violations after posting this video. The chatter in duets and videos about Steven claims he said something inappropriate while live on TikTok that got him banned.

My 600-Lb. Life fans react to Steven’s naked dancing

Unsurprisingly, Steven Assanti’s naked dancing did not go over well with My 600-Lb. Life fans. Some fans admit they think it is sad he doesn’t want better for himself. Others question why so many people watched such a disgusting display of jiggling skin. His broken and missing teeth also became a topic of conversation. Some fans, however, clarified his drug addiction and lack of hygiene is why his teeth look so bad.

Did you have the misfortunate of watching Steven Assanti’s naked dancing celebration? Are you relieved to know that he escaped death recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on My 600-Lb. Life cast members.

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