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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Steve Assanti Hospitalized: Seeks Prayers

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My 600-Lb. Life cast member Steve Assanti seeks prayers as he’s been hospitalized. What has the TLC star landed in the hospital for? Is it related to his weight? Unfortunately, the post featuring a snap of Steve in a hospital bed was fairly short in detail. But, we will share what we know about his hospitalization.

 Steve Assanti

Once barred from hospitals

As viewers will recall, there was a time where Steve Assanti was barred from going to hospitals. Dr. Now discovered Steve would call 911, go to various hospitals, and seek pain killers. His addiction to pain killers and his addiction to food were killing him.

Dr. Now, however, busted Steve Assanti once after calling 911 and heading to the hospital. The TLC doctor shut the entire appointment down. He told Steve he needed to find a way home. And, he threatened to take Steve’s insurance. Likewise, Dr. Now also threatened to have him thrown in jail at the time too.

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Why has Steve Assanti been hospitalized?

According to breaking My 600-Lb. Life news, Steve Assanti was rushed to the hospital as a result of his battle with COVID-19. It is unclear if he currently tests positive for COVID-19 or if he’s suffering lingering after effects of having the virus.

This breaking news comes with a photo of Steve Assanti hooked up to a ventilator. Turns out, COVID isn’t the only ailment Steve is currently fighting. He also has a serious bout of pneumonia.

Currently fighting to recover, Steve and those close to him are asking for prayers on his behalf. Unfortunately, no other information on how long he has been in the hospital or how is doing has been released.

 Steve Assanti

COVID plagues TLC stars

As fans of TLC know, Steve Assanti is far from the only personality on the network to be plagued with COVID. Near the end of 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 2, Tammy Slaton was also hospitalized for COVID-19. As we previously reported, Kody Brown of Sister Wives confirmed via Cameo that he tested positive for COVID despite his best efforts to avoid the virus. Likewise, we’ve recently learned Duggar cousin Amy King and her husband Dillion have COVID in their household ruining their 2021 Christmas.

Are you shocked to learn Steve Assanti has been hospitalized? Do you think he will recover? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest My 600-Lb. Life news.

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  1. I’m a good Christian woman. This is my point to you… I am totally disgusted by the way you treated your brother Justin when you were first time on the My 600 lb life. He treated you with respect and just shot him down. God Bless You Justin

      1. Me either ma’am!! He had a horrible attitude toward his family and friends; especially at that hospital where he cussed the staff and they were only trying to help him. I’ll never respect someone like him/EVER!!

    1. Judge not less thee be judged.
      Do you know what the meaning is?
      The same ruler you measure by will be used to judged you. Try to understand my rebuke and it is in love. Christ Jesus our King is returning soon. As I have loved you ,love one another ❤

      1. Absolutely, completely correct.
        Spot on tho I would have not been so nice. Lol
        That man has absolutely no redeeming qualities and is incapable of learning them.
        He sure thinks highly of himself, daring to ask for prayers from anyone at this point in his miserable life.
        The gaul of him is astounding after showing the TLC world exactly what he is.
        Undoubtedly he’s after more pain meds. Surly most if not all Dr.s in his area are well aware of his antics and will refuse him even toroidal.
        What’s interesting is I can almost smell him from my house. He looks dirty,smelly and sticky. eeewww gross

    2. So, you think you have the right to judge Steve and disrespect him by giving kuddos to his brother, Justin. What kind of Christian woman are you?

      1. I am not a theif.
        I am not a liar.
        I am not a glutton.
        I do not covet anything of my brother.
        When you comment on us, do you not judge?
        Stay in school dear, you have a lot of learning yet.

      2. If you plaster your fat ass on TV, you expect judgment. Not everyone is an angel. Certainly not Steven.
        You are equally repulsive as you’re judging my faith.
        Screw you too.

    3. I’ve never seen an “adult” behave in such an obnoxious way like this!!

      He has severe mental problems. He has NO social skills.
      This crackpot is the perfect example of:

    4. I could not agree with you more on this subject.
      Sevens father is just as abusive as Steven towards Justin.
      He, the father, gave Steven Justin’s pain meds after his weight loss surgery.
      I often pray that Justin’s hobby shop is prosperous and he’s been able to move out of that horrible house and left behind all the abuse and narcissistic family, never to return.

  2. He is a pill popping drug addict that wants attention and a bullies others. He needs to grow up and I don’t feel sorry for him.

    1. You’re 100% correct! All he cares about is his own selfish needs; he’s a cancer and Justin is right to cut him out; but sadly Dad keeps letting Steven has access to Justin and his pain meds. I was sickened the father went through Justin’s pain meds and gave them to Steven.

      Steven only wanted to talk to Justin and gain access to him; as I’m betting it was to get to his brothers pain pills; not a caring act whatsoever.

      Steven stole 50 pills, knowing his brother was, and continue to be in pain; and then dad gives his remaining pills away to boot.

      Both Steven and the Dad are vile human trash, especially for how they mistreat/abuse Justin.

  3. I hope old Assholeanti either takes this as a wake up call and turns it around, or dies and goes to Hell. Either one works.

      1. I was gonna say the same thing🙅is there a pic of him on a ventilator? Because the one in article isn’t him on a vent.

  4. Stephen is possibly one of the most hateful and revolting individuals out there. There’s no human warmth or kindness there. He doesn’t deserve prayer. He needs to apologize to his father, brother, Dr. Now and possibly every single person he’s ever dealt with.

    The man is a manipulator, he preys on your emotions and is ready to start the tears if things don’t go his way. He’s literally human garbage.

    1. He is a complete asshole! A whinny ass man toddler who seeks attention, will do anything for pills, cry baby, fake, lyin, jerk off! He talked to everyone like they were pieces if shit when truth is, he is the asshole! He has NO desire to get better in anyway. Je needs to get that missin tooth fixed & apologize to everyone around him. Noone will ever want him. Never! He is a junkie for pills & a basket lost cause for food. Let him beach himself like a dyin whale should or either someone harpoon him Now! He def doesnt deserve anymore help. We are tired of seein him.
      When you let yourself get so big that you look deformed, non-human, monsterous, theres really no hope for him. Disgusting in every way.

  5. I agree that he is one of the meanest and rudest persons. Next to him would be Tammy. She is not only rude, but self centered. Thinks e revolves around her. She got herself fat…not everyone else. I hate the show when she is on.

  6. If you are basing the info in the article on the posted photo, he is NOT on a ventilator. That is a special oxygen cannula. Based on his appearance (unkempt, heavy)…he has not changed.

  7. He needs to grow up and treat Dr Now and others with respect. I don’t feel sorry for Mr Assanti at all. He needs to accept his actions regarding weight loss are his own doing. To your face, Mr A, I say “Stop being an arsehole!”

  8. I’m shocked that he is still alive to begin with. Not only has he not changed but he unbelievably has become more obnoxious since his time on the show. His recent videos show the man in his typical unkempt, filthy state with the crazy hair, crazy facial hair grow-out mess and crazy, crazy eyes. Not to mention the missing and rotting teeth. His weight appears the same if not more and as usual he seems to delight in being as obnoxious as possible. I think he’s been slowly trying to kill himself for a long long time. If he truly wants to live than who am I or anyone to wish for his demise? (We don’t want to put out bad Karma that could come back to haunt us peeps lol) I’m not sure he wants to actually survive… God knows that even if he does pull through he most certainly is not ‘living’

    1. I despised him on “My 600 lb life”. He’s a piece of crap human being. He treats everyone like shit and expects people to bow to him. Screw that! He even threw urine in the hospital, and called a nurse the n-word, and screamed at the nurses, and screaming, “Die!”…

      He ain’t getting any of my prayers. I’ll save them for people who deserve it.
      Karmas a bitch. Maybe he’s getting his…

  9. If that’s the picture, that is not a hospital bed or a hospital room. It’s a couch. That is also not a ventilator. That looks like it’s for oxygen. He looks unkempt and still fat. Most likely he’s trying to get attention again. Ignore it.

  10. Mr. Assanti is the most deplorable, rude abusive, hateful, undeserving human I have ever seen on TV. Poor Dr. Now, the wonderful nurses and hospital staff who have to encounter his antics. He belongs in a mental institution and needs help for his addiction to pain pills as well! Also feel for his family ugh…

  11. The man has mental health issues yes he is so rude people around him and for that i give him no sympathy but i will say a prayer for him ty

  12. Its people like him that make nurses hate their jobs.
    He’s rude and bullies everyone. You cant feel sorry for a lying manipulative BRAT.

  13. No prayers will be given here. Can’t stand the entire family. Him and Tammy Slatton should hook up and we can jointly careless about either one of them.

  14. I agree with what Murdock said I believe they would make a great pair tammy and Steven they are both too lazy to loose weight or to take care of themselves well I’ll tell you what imv71 years old over weight and I still take care of myself even tho I’m half blind cant walk without my Walker but I dont ask for anyone to wait on me hand and foot like tammy does I would send prayers to Amy and gage Amy is trying to do her best for her child God bless you Amy and gage

  15. Get off that ventilator and get the Ivermectin ( rx from Dr not online animal treatment) and quarantine at home! The ventilators are causing pneumonia and more than half the time death! Save yourself! There is a lot of information on this outside of mainstream media. Some nurses being whistleblowers on this all across the nation. Have your family advocate for you to try the alternative if what the hospital is doing is making you worse. Allegedly some hospitals are making money off of “Covid protocol” which is ultimately leading to euthanizing patients in this particular way. Don’t let them induce coma because no one awakens from that. Please be careful out here. These are very dark times. May God help you and your family. I hope you get out of there soon.


  17. Steve…… you are FORGIVEN! Now please, get real and get honest! Save yourself! I want you to be a success. I know you can do it.
    Believe me, I never thought I could get out of an addiction, but when I asked for help and was willing to do the work, people stood by me and I changed!
    Good luck, Steve

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