‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Steven Assanti Dead Or Alive?

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After being hospitalized with both COVID-19 and pneumonia, My 600-Lb. Life fans wonder if Steven Assanti is dead or alive. Has there been any update on his health? Did he survive COVID-19 and pneumonia? Here’s what we know.

Why was he hospitalized?

It was on Christmas Eve of 2021 that we reported Steven Assanti was hospitalized. According to a post on Instagram, the TLC personality had tested positive for COVID-19. He was rushed to the hospital when the lingering symptoms of the illness became too much for his body. Turns out, Steven was also battling a pretty serious bout of pneumonia as well.

steven assanti instagram
Steven – Instagram

While Steven definitely lost some weight since his time on the show, he clashed with Dr. Now and never got approved for weight loss surgery. COVID-19 and pneumonia are both hard on the human body. But, they can be even worse for someone who is overweight.

While Steven Assanti wasn’t a fan-favorite on the show by any means… My 600-Lb. Life viewers still wonder whether he is dead or alive after having both COVID-19 and pneumonia.

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Steven – Instagram

My 600-Lb. Life: Is Steven Assanti dead or alive?

On Christmas, Steven Assanti took to Instagram to offer an update on his hospitalization. His update suggested he was no longer in the hospital. He tells his followers he still has both COVID-19 and pneumonia. He, however, is nearly “out of the woods.”

I was a high flow nasal cannula oxygen for sometime now and I was just switched off it and back to the regular nasal cannula oxygen, now all I’ve got to do is get stronger work with the team of people I’ll have at home soon.”

Steven Assanti proceeds to tell his followers he will have to quarantine for the next 14 days at home to make sure he gets COVID completely out of his system before venturing back out in public. He concluded by thanking everyone who sent up prayers and wished him well while he was in the hospital.

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On December 27th, he posted again to tell his followers that “Death is very real people.” He proceeded to talk about how precious life was and how relieved he was to survive COVID and pneumonia.

His fans were happy he was not dead

Fortunately, this update means Steven Assanti is not dead and very much alive. Steven really seemed to appreciate all of the love and support as he posted a few different times with nothing more than a caption thanking his followers for keeping him in their thoughts.

steven assanti
Steven – Instagram

Will this near-death experience encourage Steven to work harder to lose weight? Some of his followers hope so! But, for the most part, they are just happy he survived.

Were you wondering if Steven Assanti was dead or alive following his COVID-19 hospitalization? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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