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‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg Up To Her Old Tricks?

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The View host Whoopi Goldberg is up to her old tricks. The daytime talk show returned on Tuesday, September 6. It promised a new attitude and new views. However, Whoopi was still her usual self.

She shut down her co-hosts as she sent the show to commercial break. The 66-year-old is being criticized for not changing her old ways. On Wednesday’s broadcast, the ladies discussed how to handle family members who have opposing political views. Whoopi couldn’t believe what her co-hosts had to say.

Read on to learn more and to see how the conversation transitioned into an NSFW discussion.

The View Ladies Season 26 Premiere Week [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

The View co-hosts have something else on their mind

Even though the conversation was mainly about politics, The View panelists had something else on their minds. Sunny Hostin interrupted fellow co-host Sara Haines and asked what they do if they “meet a guy who’s really sexy, (and) real cute?” Joy Behar said that politics don’t matter at the moment. She admitted: “S*x trumps Trump.”

The entire table laughed. Whoopi Goldberg shook her head and looked at the camera. Sunny said that if she was in a relationship with someone who different political views, then it wouldn’t last. Whoopi had to cut her off mid-sentence.

“I don’t know if it won’t last,” the actress wondered.

Whoopi Goldberg On The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Then, she raised up her hands to show her co-hosts that she was “giving up.” The Oscar winner turned to the camera to cut the show to a commercial break: “We’re out of time, so what does it matter what I think? We’ll be right back.”

Whoopi Goldberg seemed disappointed that she couldn’t give her opinion. Her co-hosts were too busy joking about possible situations and NSFW actions. When the talk show returned from its break, the hosts moved on to another topic.

Did Whoopi Goldberg almost fall out of her chair?

This isn’t the only tense scene that the viewers witnessed. Whoopi Goldberg almost fell out of her chair during that same episode. Guests Hillary and Chelsea Clinton had to sit at the already crowded table. There was not enough room for the comedian at the round table.

Whoopi Goldberg had to think about how she had to sit without falling out of her chair. She explained her problem to the celebrity guests. Whoopi Goldberg admitted that she was sitting on the edge of her seat. Not because of the conversation, but because of the seating arrangement.

Hilary & Chelsea Clinton Join The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Whoopi’s concerns originated from Joy Behar falling out of her chair last season. The new season came with big changes, including sturdier chairs. The old silver chairs were swapped out for tan chairs that have taller legs and a square seat. Fans hoped that the talk show would make other changes in Season 26.

What are your thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg cutting off her co-hosts? Can you get along with someone who has different political views? What are your thoughts on premiere week? Sound off below in the comment section.

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