Maddie Brush Asks ‘SW’ Fans To Caption Silly Photo Of Axel

Maddie Brush from TLC, Sister Wives

Maddie Brush was the first of Kody Brown’s children to marry and start her own family. Today, the 26-year-old has two small children with a third on the way. She and her family live in North Carolina while the rest of the Browns live in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Raising a family isn’t always easy, but Maddie and her husband Caleb are finding ways to make it all work out. They recently took the kids on a fun outing where Maddie snapped a photo of Axel making a hilarious face. Of course, she asked fans to send her the best captions. Keep reading to see the pic!

Maddie Brush and the kids enjoy a day out together

Sister Wives fans enjoy watching Maddie Brush’s children grow up online. Axel turned 5 years old this spring while Evie K. turned 3 in August. The kids love to be silly and have dance parties — especially if the Encanto soundtrack is on.

Now, Maddie and Caleb are proud to announce that they’re adding a third baby to the family. The couple hasn’t released many details yet, but Maddie said that she already feels like she’s “about to pop.

Caleb and Maddie Brush from TLC
Caleb & Maddie Brush/TLC

While the family waits for the new baby to arrive, they lead active lives with the kids. It isn’t immediately clear where Maddie took Axel and Evie for the day. However, the kids did appear to have a great time being in nature and even pretending to drive a tractor.

During the outing, Maddie snapped a hilarious photo of her five-year-old son. Axel looks awkwardly at the camera with his eyes as wide as can be.

Maddie Brush from Instagram, Axel Brush
Maddie Brush/Instagram

So far, Maddie hasn’t posted any of the submissions from fans. But without a doubt, she probably received some really great ones.

What would you caption the photo of Axel Brush? Be sure to leave your own thoughts in the comments.

How does the TLC personality feel about Christine and Kody’s split?

Sister Wives fans would love to see more of Maddie Brush and her little family when Sister Wives returns in a few days. However, the family’s distance means they probably won’t get as much screen time as they once had.

Based on the Season 17 trailers so far, it seems like the majority of the drama will center on Kody and Christine’s divorce. Maddie may be Janelle’s daughter, but Christine played a pretty active role in raising her.

If Maddie has any strong opinions about Christine’s departure, she hasn’t said anything yet. However, it’s worth noting that Maddie participates in an MLM group alongside her mother and Christine.

Keep checking back for the latest information on Maddie Brush and the rest of the Sister Wives family. The new season kicks off on September 11, so stay tuned for more updates. There will surely be more to share soon.

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