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‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown Calls Christine Out, She’s Clueless?

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Sister Wives fans already know that family patriarch Kody Brown isn’t always the kindest to his wives. And things are especially getting heated as he navigates his split from Christine. But why did he call Christine clueless?

New teasers released by TLC paint Kody Brown in a very sinister light. Many fans are a little concerned about what’s to come when Season 17 finally premieres.

Kody Brown lashes out at Christine for acting “clueless” about their marriage problems

In the latest TLC teaser, fans can see Christine tell Kody that he’s given her nothing but heartbreak through their decades of marriage. Kody agreed that their marriage had been rocky lately, but he wasn’t willing to let it go there. In the clip, he claps back at Christine and tells her that she never treated her sister wives with kindness or respect. Christine says she isn’t quite sure what he means by that allegation.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Sister Wives/TLC

In the following talking head, Kody says Christine makes him want to scream about how clueless she is acting. He alleges that she broke his heart by complaining about plural marriage for years. Kody also went on to say that Christine could be a great mother to Janelle’s children, but didn’t seem to care about Robyn’s. In his talking head, it really seems like he’s trying to paint Christine as the villain in their breakup.

It seems that in Kody’s mind, he’s done nothing wrong and Christine has absolutely no idea that she hurt him so badly.

Check out the clip here:

Of course, seasoned Sister Wives viewers know that Kody has a tendency to gaslight others when he’s angry and hurt. Viewers have reasons to believe that he’s doing that here too.

In fact, fans can point to many instances where Kody Brown treated Christine poorly and then got angry with her for sticking up for herself. Many Sister Wives viewers are actually surprised it’s taken her this long to leave.

When can fans catch the newest Sister Wives season and watch the drama unfold?

Fans definitely aren’t loving the way Kody treats Christine in this new teaser. However, the good news is that Christine will get the chance to stick up for herself and clap back. Sister Wives Season 17 comes to TLC on September 11. In a little over a week, there will be brand-new episodes for fans to enjoy.

What do you think about the latest teaser? Is Christine really clueless or is Kody lashing out in anger? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

Keep checking back for more Sister Wives updates and information on the Brown family. The Season 17 premiere will be here before you know it, so stay tuned for more. There will be more information to share shortly.

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