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‘Sister Wives’: Axel Brush Busts A Move To ‘Encanto’ Soundtrack

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Sister Wives star Axel Brush is five years old. So needless to say, he’s probably seen the Disney film Encanto about a hundred times.

His mother Maddie Brown Brush recently posted a sweet video of the little boy dancing to one of the film’s most popular songs, “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Keep reading to learn more about the dance party they threw in the house!

Axel Brush gets down and grooves to the music

Axel Brush and his little sister Evie make a lot of appearances on their mother’s Instagram page. She really loves showing the kids grow up. And it really appears that Axel is a pretty normal five-year-old boy. He loves to run, play, and even have dance parties in the living room.

Maddie Brush/Instagram

That’s why Maddie Brush’s latest video really didn’t surprise fans much. If anyone was going to throw himself a dance party, it would be Axel Brush.

“He asked for a dance party,” Maddie captioned the video on her Instagram stories. Fans can see Axel getting down and really grooving to the music.

It appears that the little boy is having the time of his life. Fans are definitely happy that Maddie managed to capture such a fun moment on camera.

The Brush family spends a lot of time encouraging their kids to explore

Axel Brush may be a talented dancer, but that’s not the only activity he enjoys. Maddie has shared videos on Instagram that show off his photography and navigation abilities too. His parents seem invested in letting him explore his creative side through playtime.

Although Axel definitely loves playing and exploring on his own, he also enjoys spending time with his sister and playmate. Evie will be three years old this August, so she’s able to do more things with her brother. In fact, fans even spotted her kicking her little legs at the beginning of Axel’s dance video.

Maddie Brush admits that the kids fight just like any other siblings, but they’re still best friends. The mother of two posted a sweet video of an unprompted embrace between the two.

“This hug was completely unprompted,” Maddie wrote. The kids share an adorable hug in the middle of playtime. “They are at the age where they are best friends and I’m here for it. They still fight. But they love each other.”

Hopefully, the kids manage to keep up the love as they grow up. Fans can’t wait to see more of the Brush kids as time goes on.

Interested in keeping up with Axel Brush and his huge family? Be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online so you’re always on top of things. You won’t want to miss the next Sister Wives story, so keep checking back for more.


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