‘GMA’ George Stephanopoulos Back & Already Having Issues?

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GMA hosts Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos are at heads with each other over a BTS argument. The co-hosts had been on a long hiatus from work and only returned a few days ago. During the Wednesday show, the hosts were seen arguing over a topic leaving fans conflicted.

George Stephanopoulos Wishes To Settle A BTS Debate

After the show returned from a commercial, George abruptly halted the show from moving to the day’s headlines. The 61-year-old mentioned that he wanted to settle an argument with his co-anchors & viewers at home as well.

Talking about the conflict, he said, “I want to get to headlines, but first we have to bring our viewers into the debate we’ve been having for the last five minutes here on GMA.”

George Stephanopoulos YouTube

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The political commentator further revealed that he, Cecilia Vega, and Michael Strahan, were arguing behind the scenes about the right way to pronounce a specific word. This word was the ‘Caribbean’ which is where GMA’s meteorologist Ginger Zee had been reporting for the day.

George Stephanopoulos Asks For Fans Help

Michael pronounced the word in his own way & insisted he sticks to this very way every time he uses the word. However, George disagreed, stating that the word can be pronounced in two different ways. In order to settle the behind-the-scenes pronunciation debate, George asked the viewers to help them out. He asked the viewers to help them via tweets & specifically to tag Michael and flood his Twitter account with the correct answer.

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Addressing the viewers, the former democratic advisor said, “We went on for five minutes, I’m sure you can deal with it, as well.”

Good Morning America fans immediately started tweeting their version of the correct pronunciation and the views were divided.

One fan wrote, “I’m with the second pronunciation. Sorry, @michaelstrahan!”

Another agreed with George and wrote, “I think it can be pronounced both ways.”

“Michael is correct,” insisted the third fan.

“I’m from the Caribbean so I’ll go with @michaelstrahan pronunciation for ‘Caribbean’,” wrote the fourth fan.

GMA Co-Host Robin Roberts Confirms Her Upcoming Vacation

As reported by The Sun, George Stephanopoulos had been M.I.A. for about two weeks from the show. Given his long absence, fans had started speculating that the host had retired from his position. Speculations grew stronger after his wife Alexandra Wentworth shared a picture of them on a vacation to Greece. However, he snubbed all the rumors after he returned to the show on Monday.

Robin Roberts GMA YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Fans reacted to his return as one wrote, “So glad to have you on GMA today!!! We’ve missed you!!!!”

“George should get to pick out the music on the show after being out for a while and just returning,” wrote another.

However, as George returned to the show, his GMA co-anchor Robin Roberts announced that she will be taking a short break from the show to enjoy some time away.

Are you glad that George has finally returned to the show? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. I think George should stay as host with Robin Robert’s, Michael is does seem to be the right fit in your team , I quit watching because of your other host.(Michael )

  2. Nancy, your remark makes no sense. Please check spelling and punctuation. That being said; all three hosts are good but Michael and Robin have much more personality than George.

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