‘Good Morning America’ Why Is Robin Roberts Leaving Show?

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Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts confirms viewers’ suspicions by announcing she’s leaving the show. At least for a while. It was just last week that fans suspected Robin had decided to leave the show because of the sentimental GMA photos she kept posting on Instagram. The news follows on the heels of news that several other co-hosts would be out for the upcoming season.

What did Robin Roberts have to say exactly? What does this mean for the future of GMA? Keep reading for all the details.

Is Robin Roberts Leaving 'Good Morning America'?
[GMA | YouTube]

GMA: Robin Roberts drops bombshell on fans

As those who follow Robin Roberts on Instagram know, she likes to start every morning with a short video. The video includes a motivational or positive message. She also engages in morning prayer. After delivering her morning prayer on Wednesday, Robin dropped a bombshell on her followers. She announced something they weren’t ready for.

“Glam fam, you ready for a little vacation?” Robin said as she turned and looked at her glamour squad.

The Good Morning America co-host proceeded to explain that viewers would have to enjoy a few mornings without her as she was taking a vacation. “See you in September,” she added. Robin did not proceed to clarify when in September she would return. Fans, however, know September is right around the corner. So, it sounds like Robin is just taking a quick vacation before returning to the show.

Check out the video of her announcement by clicking here.

Robin Roberts Spills The Tea [GMA | Twitter]
[GMA | Twitter]

GMA fans will miss her

In the comments of her post, her followers admit they will miss listening to her talk every morning. They, however, hope she enjoys her vacation and gets some rest before returning to them next month. More importantly, many of her fans just wanted to wish her safe travels. Overall, fans were just relieved Robin Roberts’ departure from GMA is temporary as a lot of fans just can’t imagine the show without her input.

Did you catch the news last week that fans believed Robin Roberts was on her way out the door? Do you think she’ll return to Good Morning America or is this a leave and never come back situation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on GMA.

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  1. I have watched GMA as ling as I can remember- as a child and now an adult / I even tape the show. Robin is one of my favs and if she needs a vacation/ take it / well deserved but I’d hate to see her leave or retired as others did , I wish her the best . One of her followers/ Judy (70)

  2. I have met Robin several times while coming to Good Morning America and she is such a sweet person so patient and kind I wish her the best but it want be right coming to NYC and attending GMA and no Robin.

  3. Robin is a very good anchor on GMA and she’s probably leaving to take care of the person she is staying with. But they will probably never tell the whole truth about her leaving the show. But in reality she probably was on her way out the door. What ever the problem is praying is the answer.

  4. Robin has been a beautiful blessing in my life though we have never met in person. Her sweet spirit shines through in how she conducts herself. I too have had breast cancer and recently had a double mastectomy. At 83 yrs. old I still know I am blessed to have each day just as Robin has inspired each of us to. God bless you Robin.

  5. Robin
    You sure will be missed every day. Your the most kindness person and loved by alot of people. Wish you best of good health.

  6. I wish Robin all the best and hope she will return soon. Cannot imagine GMA Without but everyone needs time off. Will miss her and pray that she is well and happy. Many blessings.

  7. wow I looked forward to this show every morning because of the energy you sent out Robin you will be missed dearly May God Continue To Pour Many Many Blessings Upon You And your Family Love Always Janet

  8. Robin you deserve the best! GOD BLESS YOU, a lady with your professional style, your smile, your kindness and your good humor of course will be missed. I wish you the best of the best. Rosa Monk

  9. GMA is slowly crumbling, Josh, Sam, T.J. and Amy (shame shame) and now they have cut Robs throat. Yes, he over stepped, he made a bad gesture or advance. So who is gonna cast the first stone…. by the way glad to see you are dressing Ginger like an adult not a hot teenager. I believe Rob has served his sentence. I’ll return when he returns.

  10. Robin, you’ve always caried a certain kind of swagger that truly caried the show. To see other’s in that place? Is still not a complete comfort but, a morning show nun the less.. You have made GMA a show that will be remembered because of the presence you’ve left on it. Amen don’t you know, (“Smiley face emoji”). I’m thankful that you have mentioned the GOD I know & serve, The way to the destination with the help of Holy Spirit of course because of a very costly sacrifice of Jesus, (Yeshua Ha’Mashiach) I’ll look forward to your return if you so choose to do so but, the conversations that will be the most valued will be on the other side. This is not, nor ever will be our forever home so until then, May blessings & favor find you, so you don’t have to go looking for them. Hallelujah, thankyou Jesus & holy Spirit. Amen ~Owen/Leonard~

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