‘GMA’ Did Co-Host Reveal Robin Roberts’ Secret Marriage?

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Things got awkward on Good Morning America this week between Robin Roberts and Eva Pilgrim. In fact, Robin was convinced her co-host spilled the beans on her secret wedding on live television. While this wasn’t actually what happened, it was definitely an awkward and tense thing for viewers at home to watch. What happened between the two on live television exactly? If you missed the episode, keep reading for a run-down.

GMA: Eva Pilgrim talks about marriages

During Wednesday’s episode of GMA, Eva Pilgrim talked about Hailey Bieber sharing how she’s able to make her marriage with her husband Justin work. After telling the story, she swept her hand back gesturing it toward her co-hosts. “You guys, we’re all married, we know it takes work.”

While the other co-hosts all laughed, Robin Roberts became a bit nervous and held a tight smile on her face. Having a second to process what Eva said, Robin realized she was going to need to speak up. Otherwise, viewers at home were going to think she had some sort of secret marriage they didn’t know about.

Truthfully, Robin Roberts has been in a relationship with her partner, Amber Laign, for just shy of two decades. She, however, is NOT married. Moreover, the GMA co-host appeared to be a little offended that Eva suggested married couples had to work harder than couples that weren’t married.

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GMA: Robin Roberts clears air on secret marriage

“I’m not married!” Robin Robers blurted out before anyone had a chance to read too much into what Eva had said. Eva Pilgrim looked visibly uncomfortable as what happened and what she had said and implied started to sink in. She tried to nervously laugh it off.

Robin added that her relationship with Amber still took work even though they were not married. Gio Benitez, Amy Robach, and Lara Spencer couldn’t help but crack up on the couch as they found the awkward and uncomfortable conversation to be hilarious.

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On various social media platforms, GMA viewers applauded Robin on speaking up. Many viewers admit they definitely thought Eva outted Robin on hiding a secret marriage on live television. One fan admitted they nearly choked on their food when they realized what happened.

Did you think Eva Pilgrim just outted Robin Roberts for having a secret marriage on live television? Let us know in the comments.

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