‘GMA’ George Stephanopoulos ‘Not Strong’ Behind The Scenes?

George Stephanopoulos On GMA

GMA host George Stephanopoulos is “not strong” behind the scenes. His wife Ali Wentworth shared the shocking admission during a recent episode of Live With Kelly & Ryan. Once again, she filled in for Kelly Ripa, who was away from the show.

Meanwhile, George has taken a break from GMA. He’s been absent from the morning show for the past two weeks. Ali shared an update about George’s whereabouts. She shared a photo from their recent trip to Greece.

On the latest episode of Live!, Ali opened up about his emotional side. She revealed that George cries when he’s not on camera.

George Stephanopoulos Missing From GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

George Stephanopoulos’ wife speaks out

Ali opened up about her husband’s emotional side. She told her co-host, Ryan Seacrest, that he often “cries” during commercial breaks when he reports heartbreaking news stories. Ali guest hosted on Live With Kelly & Ryan on Thursday, August 25. Both hosts talked about getting emotional.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Ryan revealed his softer side. He revealed that he cried while watching the HBO Max documentary Hackers. Ali admitted that George Stephanopoulos loves to cry as well. She joked that he’s “not as strong” as she is behind the scenes.

Ali Wentworth & Ryan Seacrest On Live [YouTube]
“We went to the musical The Little Mermaid and George started crying and my daughters made us leave they were so embarrassed,” Ali told Ryan. “Every rom-com, not me, George. I’m strong and he’s not.”

Ryan was surprised to learn this tidbit. He assumed that the ABC news anchor “would not be such a big crier.” The American Idol host asked whether George was putting up a “front” on television. Ali explained that he separates his feelings when he’s in front of the cameras.

Good Morning America Hosts Away [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“I think you can sort of separate it. But there have been a few hard news things where at break he started crying,” she said.

George Stephanopoulos will turn off the tears afterward. He puts his “strong face” on when the cameras start rolling again. His wife noted that he “gets emotional.” This secret came out as fans wonder where George has been lately.

Where is Ali Wentworth’s husband?

George Stephanopoulos hasn’t been hosting the morning show. Some fans vow to stop watching Good Morning America until he returns. They also think that he might have secretly quit or retired early. Others think he was fired for an unknown reason.

Ali Wentworth & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
George Stephanopoulos went missing again on Friday’s broadcast. Instead, viewers were greeted by Amy Robach, Cecilia Vega, and Whit Johnson. Some fans took to Twitter during the live broadcast to speculate about George’s whereabouts. They wonder if he left the morning talk show for good.

Are you surprised that George Stephanopoulos is a softy behind the scenes? Are you emotional? If so, what makes you cry? Sound off below in the comment section.

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