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Ryan Seacrest Missing From ‘Live!’ After Kelly Ripa’s Return?

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Ryan Seacrest went missing from Live! after Kelly Ripa returned to the show. She was away from the morning show for two weeks. During that time, she hid out in the Hamptons with her husband Mark Consuelos. They shared sexy content on Instagram.

Kelly is also working on multiple projects, one of which includes her first-ever book. Fans are wondering if she’s planning on leaving the show behind. It seems like she’s making career moves as she figures out her next steps.

Ryan has also been making career moves, as reported by TV Shows Ace. In the latest episode of Live With Kelly & Ryan, his co-host revealed when he will return.

Kelly Ripa Explains Ryan Seacrest's Absence [YouTube]

Where’s Ryan Seacrest?

Fans slammed Live With Kelly & Ryan for staging parts of the talk show. Both Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been taking breaks at separate times. The former All My Children star appeared on the show with her husband. She returned to the show on Monday after her two-week break.

At the time, Kelly co-hosted with Ryan Seacrest. However, the episodes were previously recorded. They appeared together for those episodes through Wednesday. Ryan took a break during Thursday and Friday’s episodes. The Riverdale star filled in for Kelly’s co-host.

Both of those episodes were previously recorded. On the Friday, August 19 broadcast, Kelly revealed when Ryan Seacrest could return to the show. She wanted fans to know when they could expect the American Idol host to make a comeback.

“Monday! Hey, listen to this, guys,” Kelly told the audience. “We have an all-new show. From the series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ginger Gonzaga … And Ryan! Will return! Have a great weekend, everybody!”

She harped on the part about an “all-new show.” This comes after fans recently slammed the talk show for staging the bloopers and blunders of their show. Fans were also upset to see that the recent episodes were “previously recorded” rather than filmed live. They argued that the show should change its name.

Why was Live With Kelly & Ryan previously recorded?

It seems like both Kelly and Ryan Seacrest have busy schedules this summer. The two co-hosts have to figure out a way to make the show work. Since Kelly has been away twice and Ryan has been out, they had to pre-record some of the episodes. This allows the co-hosts to work together instead of finding more guest hosts.

The “previously recorded” episodes informed fans that it was pre-taped not actually live. Some fans took to Twitter to air their grievances. They didn’t understand the need to call the show “Live” if it wasn’t anymore.

Kelly Ripa With Mark Consuelos [YouTube]
“Are all the shows pre-taped until September 6th, I just don’t understand how the description in the guide says it’s a new episode, asking for a friend??” one user wrote.

“They pre-tape the hosts chat and splice in old segments and then pass them off as new… They pull this bs every year,” a second fan chimed in.

What are your thoughts on Live With Kelly & Ryan? Did you like the pre-recorded episodes? Do you miss Ryan Seacrest? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Ryan Seacrest.

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