Ryan Seacrest Cues A Career Switch In Latest IG Post

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After his stint as a host of the hit show American Idol, Ryan Seacrest became a household name. His on-stage charm and hosting talents entertained the audience, making him a fan favorite. He started his career as a TV host in ESPN’s Radical Outdoor Challenge Season 1. Following this, he also hosted several kids’ game shows, including Gladiators 2000, Wild Animal, & Click. However, he rose to fame in 2002 after he started co-hosting American Idol alongside comedian Brian Dunkleman.

Ryan Seacrest Shows Off His Cooking Skills On Taco Tuesday

Yet, it appears that the famed host might be thinking of switching careers to one of his favorite hobbies. Ryan loves to welcome chefs on his current show, Live With Kelly And Ryan. Not just that, on several occasions, the host even jumped in with the guest chefs, adding his very own take to the signature dishes prepared on the show.

Ryan Seacrest YouTube

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On Tuesday, the Emmy winner shared with fans a video of his latest cooking attempt on Instagram.

He captioned the post, “What better way to celebrate #TacoTuesday than with @snoopdogg’s ‘Tha Soft Touch Tacos’? This was so flavorful and simple to make that it made me realize I don’t make a basic taco enough. Now, what should I make next?”

Ryan Seacrest Hints At A Possible Cooking Show In Future

It didn’t take long for fans to chime in at the host’s exquisite skills. Some even suggested that he should start his very own cooking show. They commented, “Love this and you, Ryan said it before, you need a foodie show!!”

Ryan Seacrest Instagram

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When another fan commented, “Waiting for your foodie segment/show!!” he even unofficially hinted at a project in the works, the details of which haven’t been revealed yet. The host replied to his fans to stay tuned, followed by a finger-crossed emoji. As per Outsider, this isn’t the first time the 47-year-old has shown off his cooking skills. Fans who follow the star on Instagram know he regularly posts pictures of himself experimenting with different recipes.

Fans Bash Makers For Pre-Recording Live With Kelly And Ryan

Recently, his show Live With Kelly And Ryan stirred up a controversy after fans noted something strange with the Monday and Tuesday show. Both Ryan and his co-host Kelly Ripa walked onto the set and greeted the audience as they usually do. For someone who doesn’t regularly watch the show, everything seemed normal. But, eventually, the regular fans realized that the episodes were actually pre-recorded. Instead of the regular ‘Live’ icon, the screen had a ‘Previously Recorded’ icon on the bottom.

Even though both these episodes were pre-recorded, Ryan introduced his show with the right date correlating with the taping. Upset about this secrecy, fans expressed their annoyance.

Ryan Seacrest YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

One fan wrote, “Easy, they pre-tape the host chats and splice in old segments and then pass them off as new. Same with the two episodes this week with Mark [Consuelos] ‘co-hosting.’ They pull this bs every year.”

“All I am saying is why pass it off as ‘new’ episodes. I realize they do the same thing every summer, but the amount of time off between both Kelly and Ryan is getting to be Howard Stern-like,” commented another.

Do you think Ryan Seacrest should switch his career and become a chef? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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