George Stephanopoulos & Michael Strahan Quarrel, Fans Torn

George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan’s heated debate has fans divided. The two GMA co-hosts admitted that they argued behind the scenes. This comes after their return to the morning show this week. Both Michael and George were greatly missed by fans.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans wanted to know where Georgey Porgy has been hiding lately. That’s what the fans have affectionately called the co-anchor. He was away for several weeks with his wife Ali Wentworth. The two went on a trip to Greece where they could’ve stayed forever.

Michael Strahan Hosts GMA[GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

GMA fans conflicted over this argument

On the latest broadcast of Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan got into it behind the scenes. George revealed to the viewers that they were arguing when the cameras turned off. On the Wednesday, August 31 show, both of the anchors returned after their lengthy absences. While George was traveling, Michael was filming his game show, The $100,000 Pyramid.

During the commercial break, they got into a heated debate. George wanted to move on with the headlines of the day. However, he couldn’t get their conversation off his mind. He wanted to settle the debate with the viewers at home.

George Stephanopoulos On GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
“I want to get to headlines, but first we have to bring our viewers into the debate we’ve been having for the last five minutes here on GMA,” George Stephanopoulos admitted.

He admitted that he argued with his co-host about the correct way to pronounce “Caribbean.” The debate was sparked by meteorologist Ginger Zee’s weather report. Most people know there are two ways to say it. George argued that “it can be [said] both ways,” while Michael Strahan said there’s only one right way to say it.

GMA fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts. They wanted to help the men settle this debate. Unfortunately, they were just as divided. This brought up an interesting discussion online.

  • “I’m with the second pronunciation. Sorry @michaelstrahan!”
  • “I think it can be pronounced both ways.”
  • “Michael is correct.”
  • “I’m from the Caribbean so I’ll go with @michaelstrahan pronunciation for ‘Caribbean.'”

George Stephanopoulos & Michael Strahan return

The behind-the-scenes debate comes after both George Stephanopoulos and Michael Strahan return. Michael has been away for months. However, George was only away for two weeks, causing concern among viewers. Some noted that he looked very much “retired” on his trip to Greece.

Michael Strahan Hosts GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
However, he returned on Monday, August 29. Last week, Robin Roberts announced that she was taking a break from the show. George Stephanopoulos had viewers feeling good about watching GMA again. They were happy to see a familiar face at the table.

What are your thoughts on George Stephanopoulos’ argument with Michael Strahan? How do you pronounce “Caribbean”? Do you think there’s only one way? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


  1. Come on! Either way is recognizable and used. Phonetically even if it is written down in some old tome. Where is the importance? Get over yourself. More valuable or entertaining dialogue required.

  2. This was such a big deal? They should be more upset about the stories they report on every day! The way you pronounce words? Who cares! What if someone has an accent that will really mess up the game for ya!

  3. Who cares how you pronounce Caribbean??? With all the problems in the country and the world, get over yourselves and your egos. And deal with the underlying issues between you because this wasn’t really about pronunciation!

  4. I have heard it both ways and thought both were correct. And in the scheme of things going on in todays world who cares. Let’s be adults!

  5. Really, our country is more divided than it has ever been, and now we have these two privileged people creating more division. Shame on them!

  6. There is only one correct way, as it is derived from the word Carib. It should be pronounced Cah-rib-bee-yan not Cuh-rib-bee-yan.

  7. If GMA sends me down for a two week VaCa I’ll pronounce either way. It really doesn’t matter. I love the show watch everyday.

  8. Mr Strahan is just being a jerk. No need for a heated debate. George said – or conceded – that there were two acceptable pronunciations. Move on.

  9. George has to go. He is the biggest waste of a salary. He does nothing on the show. And when he haas a story, you can hardly hear him. Good bye Georgie.

  10. I think George is right by saying it can be said both ways it’s all in how someone chooses to pronounce it does Michael always have to be right he needs to show respect!

  11. Tomato, Tamata. Potato, Patata.
    Different parts of the country pronounce things differently. It’s ok. Don’t make a big deal out of.

  12. This is a tempest in a teapot. Two correct pronunciations. So? What’s really disgusting is the bias of this reporter. Nicknaming GS as “Georgie Porgie” yet no nick name for MS? And really leaning into positive language around MS. This is all about generating followers. Blaggh! What happened to journalism?

  13. GMA is falling apart..its sad.. whats going on with you Michael..? You are out of sorts. Is anything going on in private life? You owe George an apology..Sooner than later..Wow! Our world is divided an changed over night.. An this happened…Love You Both !!!

  14. George is abnoxious as usual. Very hard to understand how he made it this long; actually turn the channel to avoid watching. Now, Michael is sincere!

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