Paedon Brown Shares Recent Humiliating Experience

Paedon Brown and friends from Isntagram

Sister Wives star Paedon Brown no longer plays an active role on the show. In fact, he’s previously even said he doesn’t keep company with people who watch the show. But even so, his parents still have starring roles and his siblings frequently appear.

Paedon may want to escape his former TLC life, but it will always follow him in some capacity. He recently had an embarrassing encounter with a fan of the show. Keep reading to see what happened.

Paedon Brown bumped into a Sister Wives fan at the grocery

Paedon Brown keeps a healthy TikTok presence, but he’s not really interested in Sister Wives any longer. But even so, he loves his mother Christine and spends as much time with her as possible. But that doesn’t stop the general public from recognizing him. And sadly, that lead to a very uncomfortable encounter at the grocery.

Christine Brown and Paedon Brown from Instagram
Christine & Paedon Brown/Instagram

As reported by PEOPLE, Paedon recently detailed the embarrassing incident on his TikTok page.

“Do you know how embarrassing it is to be in a store buying lubricant and condoms and the cashier says ‘Hey, are you Paedon Brown from Sister Wives?'” he shared online.

“And then she’s like, ‘I love your mom Christine. She’s my favorite.’ I’m like, ‘Thank you,'” Paedon continued. “She looks down and sees what I’m buying. Oh my gosh, it’s weird. It’s embarrassing.”


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He went on to say that he doesn’t usually mind when people approach him in public. He’s happy to interact with fans. But Paedon added that the specific incident at the grocery was absolutely humiliating.

Christine Brown prepares to say goodbye to polygamy

Paedon Brown probably won’t play an active role in Sister Wives Season 17, but his mother sure will. As the teasers revealed, Christine will make a lot of waves this season as she self-advocates and says goodbye to polygamy.

Overtime, it became clear that Christine just wasn’t interested in sharing a husband with other women. On top of that, Kody didn’t treat her very well. She decided it was time to pack up and move back to Utah.

Paedon - Christine - Brown - Instagram
Christine & Paedon Brown/TikTok

It’s abundantly clear that Christine and Kody parted ways. But now, many fans want to know whether or not she maintained her relationships with the other wives. It’s clear that Christine and Janelle are still close, but what about Meri and Robyn?

Fans won’t know for sure what happens until the Season 17 premiere debuts on September 11. But one thing is certain — this is going to be the most dramatic season of Sister Wives to air in quite some time.

Don’t forget to check back for the latest Sister Wives updates. As the new season gets closer, there will be a lot of exciting news to share. Stay tuned and see what happens with the Brown family next!

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  1. his mom is the only one is strong enough to leave his butt ,Kody is a big kid if he don’t get his way he jumps up and down and runs away he only wants Robin the other to need to what his mom did and walk away and get them a real man not a big kid I don’t know why Mari stays around because he told her on TV that he don’t want anything to do with her a lot of men said that they would have her in a heartbeat but she is like a little dog just seating there whating for Kody to pay her on the head for staying with him she needs to grow up and leave his butt he is a big kid and don’t know how to love his wifes and all of his kids ,he is so worried about what Robin says , and he need to not let covid stop him from being with his kids just because they are grown up they need there mom and dad but sense he married Robin he for got his got other kids besides Robins like his daughter had back surgery and he wouldn’t even go and be by herside and I seen her asking for her daddy that broke my heart for her they all know he only cares for Robin and her kids and that is so sad and he says he loves for God he needs to read his Bible

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