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Paedon Brown Doesn’t Hang With People That Watch ‘Sister Wives’

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Paedon Brown has been very verbal about his life growing up in the Sister Wives home. He shares his life stories on both podcasts and his TikTok. However, when it comes to the show, there are some people he openly admits do not fit in his circle.

Paedon Brown Does Not Hate Sister Wives

He may have a lot to say about the series yet he owes a lot to the show. Paedon has been quite open about his family and has not held anything back. He shared that his overly Covid cautious father, Kody has yet to get vaccinated. This comes after news that Kody had caught the virus. Even his nanny with Robyn had Covid in January 2021 after the family had done all they could to avoid exposure. Robyn felt extremely guilty that it was an outsider they hired who put everyone at risk. Luckily, everyone who had been at Robyn’s for Ariella’s birthday party tested negative but it was still a scary time.


Paedon further shared he had a rocky relationship with his dad as well as his sisters, Mariah and Gwendlyn. He and Mariah had vastly different political beliefs so they clashed and had yet to recover. Paedon did say he would always be there for his sister in the long run, no matter what happened. When it came to Gwen, they had an altercation where he had hit her and she was still struggling to trust him. He did however say he was grateful for the opportunities the series has allowed him. It has given him a social media following and allowed him and his siblings’ freedom they never would have otherwise had.

No More Sister Wives

Even though he makes his bread and butter talking about the series, Paedon Brown has his limits. He admitted he does not watch the show. Yet he has said without the series, he and his siblings would never have had the freedom they do. Being excommunicated by the church allowed them to do as they pleased, especially his sister Mariah. She came out several years ago but this would not have been an easy transition if the family was still within the church. Paedon went on to piggyback these statements by saying he is not even friends with those who watch Sister Wives.


He went on a live recently which was excessively long. During this, he and his friends talked about how they went through clips searching for someone. It was brought up that it was the most they had ever watched the show prior. Furthermore, Paedon revealed he could not date someone who was a fan of the show. It is vital they like him for Paedon the person, not Paedon the reality star. Again, he has said because of the show, he gained a following on TikTok and is still trying to get verified.

Do you really think his friends have never watched the series? Let us know in the comments.

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