Paedon Brown Nagged Christine Into New Venture, What Is It?

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Paedon Brown loves his mother, Christine. He has said what an amazing woman she is. More so, he has no problem defending her since her split from his father, Kody. Now he has gotten her to try something new but what exactly is it?

Paedon Brown’s Interesting Family Dynamic

Since Christine left the Brown family, her only son Paedon has become quite verbal. He has taken to TikTok and podcasts to share dirt on his entire family. First off, his father is not off-limits. They have a strained relationship which Kody also has with some of his other children. This occurred during the pandemic when his rules were too hard to handle. He especially got into it with Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison, at one point wanting to evict them. They were deemed too social and disobedient for working and going to school. On the Season 16 tell-all, Kody shared that therapy was probably needed to reclaim what they once had. For Paedon’s part, he called his dad out for being so afraid of Covid yet being unvaccinated.


Additionally, he noted he was not allowed to ever speak about his father’s first wife Meri. He also went on to speak about his siblings, Mariah and Gwendlyn both of who he is estranged. Paedon did explain how he felt about growing up on television. He added how grateful he was his family was excommunicated from the church. In one of his videos, he poked fun at his father’s fourth wife Robyn having a nanny. He wore a shirt with his mom’s catchphrase “What. Does. The. Nanny. Do?” Paedon shared that his mother loved it so there is not much he keeps hidden. Now he is opening up about nagging his mom into taking on a new venture.

Like Mother, Like Son

Paedon Brown was really excited to share that he finally got his mother to join TikTok. Apparently, he has been trying to get her to join for a year now. However, she was quite reluctant because she felt like she was too old. She revealed this in her first video which he helped her film. Christine joked he needed to lower the camera as all of her kids surpassed her in height when they were teenagers. Daughter Ysabel stands at 5’11 after her scoliosis surgery. In any case, Christine maintained that at fifty, she was too old for this forum. Paedon said it did not matter her age.


She finally realized she was excited to connect with even more people. As it stands, she is on Cameo and works two MLMs so she is very active within the communities. Now, she has one more medium to meet with fans of Sister Wives and those who have supported her journey. She shared the big news on her Instagram alongside a photo of her granddaughter Avalon. So far, she has over 51K followers but the big question is who will get verified first? Paedon has been desperate to get verified but Christine has a better chance since she already has the check on IG. Only time will tell.

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