Will Christine Brown Hold On To Her Sister Wives?

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It is no secret that Christine Brown has left Kody and moved on with her life as a single and monogamous woman. Sister Wives fans, however, wonder what this means for Robyn, Meri, and Janelle. Will Christine Brown continue to have a relationship with her sister wives? Does she still consider them to be part of her family? Or, does leaving Kody mean leaving them too?

Christine Brown leaves Kody

After just shy of three decades together, Christine Brown took to Instagram and issued an official statement on her decision to split from her husband Kody. Believe it or not, it’s been nearly a year since Christine dropped that bombshell on fans. Arguably, it wasn’t a bombshell for everyone as many fans suspected Christine had left Kody based on her social media and real estate activity. Thanks to a massive delay between reality and television, fans are just now getting their first look at how this relationship came to an end during Season 17 of Sister Wives.

Christine Borwn - Kody Brown Youtube
Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

What does this mean for her sister wives?

The biggest question fans have following Christine’s decision to leave Kody is simple: What does this mean for her sister wives? Will she still have a sisterhood with Robyn, Meri, and Janelle? Are her kids still their kids? Are their kids still her kids? Fans recognize the situation is a bit dicey as leaving Kody also means leaving her sister wives.

Sadly, her sister wife Meri seems to have shut the door on any relationship with Christine noting her decision to walk away meant they were not sister wives anymore. Likewise, fans just assume the tension between Robyn and Christine prior to the split means there won’t be much of a relationship there to continue to nurture.

Sister Wives - Kody - Christine - Robyn - Janelle - Meri - Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody – Christine – Robyn – Janelle – Meri – Brown Youtube

The one sister wife Christine seems to be holding on to is Janelle. Fans, however, wonder if this is because Janelle Brown will be the next to leave Kody. Does Janelle want a taste at the easy, fun, and single life Christine is busy enjoying?

In the teaser you can watch down below, Christine Brown addresses the question of if she’s still a sister wife. After making the decision to leave Kody the answer to this question was simple: No! Christine is no longer a sister wife.

Do you agree it would be difficult to maintain a relationship with her sister wives after leaving Kody? Does Christine still have love in her heart for her sister wives? Or, has she decided to give them up too? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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