Janelle & Christine Brown’s Friendship Laced With Sinister Plans?

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Fans love that Janelle has stayed close to Christine Brown despite the latter’s departure from their plural family. However, some are now questioning if there is more going on behind the scenes. Is their friendship deeper than just mutual respect? Read on for some interesting fan theories that are actually completely valid.

Janelle And Christine Brown: Living Life Together

During the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all, Janelle admitted she has two different text chains. One is for her and her plural family while the other is for her and Christine. Prior to the season beginning, it was revealed that Christine had ended her marriage to Kody after over twenty years. She had also moved back to Utah after longing to return for a very long time. Once polygamy was no longer a crime, it became ever more desirable to the mother of six.

Christine Brown/YouTube
Janelle, Robyn, Christine, Meri

Her departure made watching the season even more exciting as fans wanted to see how it all went down. It was really quite simple. She and Kody had been having problems for a while but some were deep-rooted. He did not listen to her when she spoke out about her concerns. Furthermore, he grew more intense when the pandemic hit and he felt Christine was being irresponsible.

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Kody stopped coming by the house and eventually, completely took away the intimacy from their marriage. This put the nail in the coffin for Christine so she officially ended it. Yet she and Janelle stayed close, visiting each other, going on vacations and excursions. It was as if the split only solidified their relationship. Many found it sweet but, of course, there were some who questioned what was behind it all.

True Friendship?

When Christine Brown left the family, she remained very close to her former sister wife, Janelle. Along with their kids, they made a conscious effort to make time for one another. Some fans believe the reason for their closeness is because they have a smidge more freedom to be together. Additionally, there is the theory that Janelle may be on the verge of leaving Kody so Christine is a great resource. Yet the last one is really reaching.

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A Redditor posed the idea that Janelle has actually stayed close to Christine to avoid any legal repercussions. “The cynical side of me wonders if that’s why Janelle is buddy buddy with her all of a sudden. Keep her from lawyering up? Apparently Janelle is on the deed for Christine’s lot,” one noted. According to Christine’s son, Paedon, they have already bought Christine out so that is a non-issue. The only legal question is child support for Truely. Hopefully, all of this will be revealed in Season 17.

Why do you think the ladies are best friends? Let us know and watch Sister Wives starting September 11 on TLC.

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