What Was Christine Brown’s True Breaking Point? The Internet Discusses

Christine Brown from TLC

The Sister Wives Reddit page is alive and dripping with hot discussions. Viewers debate many different topics about the lives of the Brown family and offer their own opinions. But recently, one Reddit thread discussed Christine Brown’s true breaking point.

Ever since family patriarch Kody Brown brought Robyn into the family, the entire structure began to break down. Over the course of 16 seasons, viewers watched Christine become more and more sullen and unhappy.

But what was her true breaking point? Keep reading to see what different Reddit users believe.

Reddit dissects Christine Brown’s true breaking point

Kody and Christine Brown were married for 27 years before splitting up in 2021. They share six children together — five daughters and one son. And although the family unit seemed to work for some time, Christine eventually decided she had enough and left for Utah. She also took the children that were still living at home along with her.

“When was Christine breaking moment?” the original Reddit user poses the question. “Personally I feel it was the conversation about Ysabel’s surgery.”

Sister Wives fans universally agreed that this was one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series thus far. And it’s really no wonder that Christine Brown decided to leave after that.

Ysabel Brown/Instagram


“Christine herself claims it was when Kody said he no longer wanted to be intimate. Kody insinuates it was when Truly was in hospital. I personally think it was Ysabel’s surgery,” another user agreed. “Like most people, Christine had a high tolerance for being treated like sh**. But the buck stops at her kids. Ysabel was of the age to [thoroughly] communicate the hurt she felt by her father’s absence and Christine believed her. Whereas maybe in the past she was in denial cause the kids ‘kept sweet’ for their mom and kept their hurt to themselves.”

Other Reddit users argued that it was definitely a series of events that led to Christine’s decision to leave. Not necessarily one decision. But the question is up for debate, so what do you think? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

The former sister-wife is all-smiles amid her split from Kody

Since Christine Brown left Kody, her life seems to be quite a bit happier. She spend quite a lot of time with her granddaughter, Avalon. And on top of that, she cooks and runs her Plexus business. The former sister-wife has a lot to keep her busy. And fans are wondering if she really needs a man at all to keep her happy and thriving.

Christine Brown/Instagram

Although Christine is no longer part of the Brown family, she’s still expected to make appearances in upcoming Sister Wives seasons. But fans will just have to stay tuned to see what her role will be.

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