‘The Bachelor’ Is Nate Mitchell Next Bachelor?

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During every season of The Bachelorette, there begins to be speculation about who will be the next lead on The Bachelor. One of the main front-runners fans have been talking about is Nate Mitchell. Keep reading to find out new information about if Nate is the next man of the hour.

Is Nate Mitchell the next lead on The Bachelor?

It has not been a secret that Nate Mitchell has been getting The Bachelor edit all season. Fans fell for him during the times he spent with Gabby Windey. Their breakup was the absolute worst and fans once again swooned over Nate.

Unfortunately, some negative news about Nate emerged during the season. It seems Nate had withheld information about having a child to a girl he was seeing for nearly eighteen months. Plus, he was allegedly unfaithful.

When confronted about the news on the Men Tell All special, Nate admitted he could have communicated better. He also said he had gone through a rough divorce and was protecting his daughter. Nate also alleged that he wasn’t exclusive with these women.

Nate Mitchell via Instagram
Nate Mitchell via Instagram

Following this, there was still speculation that Nate would be named The Bachelor. He was seen at Disney doing a very expensive VIP tour with his daughter. It was said by Reality Steve that the show most likely footed the bill for this outing.

Then, last weekend, Nate was seen out with a woman at a grocery store holding her hand. Nobody knows who the woman is or what her relationship is exactly with Nate.

So, where does Nate stand today in terms of being the next lead? Reality Steve went to his podcast to share that he has heard from his sources that Nate is NOT the next Bachelor. 

According to what Steve heard, the show did want Nate to be The Bachelor. However, Nate reportedly turned down the offer. So, if Nate did turn down the opportunity of a lifetime, who could possibly be the next lead? Nobody seems to know.

Gabby defended him

There are still many people who are Team Nate. One of those people is Gabby herself. She has come to Nate’s defense and said the things being said about him are not the man she knows. So, she isn’t going to believe it all.

As for Nate, he said he has grown and has changed from who he was then.

What do you think about Nate turning down the chance to be The Bachelor? Is it true or just a way to throw people off?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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