‘The Bachelorette’: Nate Mitchell Exposed By Ex & Reality Steve

Nate Mitchell via YouTube

Nate Mitchell has been a fan favorite on The Bachelorette since night one. Fans have loved how he gushed over his daughter to Gabby Windey. In fact, he teared up and even made Gabby tear up. Now, Reality Steve and one of Nate’s ex-girlfriend’s are sharing explosive information about Nate, his dating habits and even his daughter. So, the big question is if Nate is putting on a show for Gabby or if he’s being sincere. Keep reading to find out more about this bizarre accusation.

Reality Steve and ex exposed Nate Mitchell, what happened?

Reality Steve has been teasing for quite some time that he has dirt on a contestant. He has known this information for roughly four months. However, he needed solid proof and a reason to disclose the information. He has made it clear that fans can form their own opinions about Nate. However, the facts are being put out there for all to see.

Gabby Windey and Nate Mitchell via YouTube

The first message Steve received was from a woman who said her friend dated him and that he is such a bad guy. He responded and said the information painted Nate out to be awful. So, he kept digging. In fact, the girl made a TikTok about him. It took Steve a lot of proof to believe the story and it also took them being willing to put their names out there for him to share it all with Bachelor Nation.

The woman who dated Nate is Kelsey Fankhauser. The TikTok she shared was posted after Gabby had her one on one date with Nate. Kelsey claims that she dated Nate for a year and a half and he never once told her he has a daughter.

Steve told Kelsey he needed more proof. She sent him a Google drive with 38 photos and a complete detailed timeline of their time together.

Kelsey and Nate met on January 31, 2020. They exchanged numbers and he said he didn’t have any social media accounts. July 9 they were still dating and a photo showed them exchanging earrings for the night. In August 2020 he went to Kelsey’s hometown to attend a wedding with her and even met some of her friends.

The next pic was from a ski trip they went which was captioned, “12/20/20 – Invited me on a ski trip with all of his friends. One of his female friends pulled me aside at the beginning of the trip and told me she hooked up with him 2 weeks prior.”

Moving on to January 2021 the two were still together. Kelsey said, “1/16/21 – His birthday party. Met his twin brother and his girlfriend. Talked about me wanting kids and what I would name them. Told my friends he loved me.”

Next Nate appears to get even shadier. Kelsey said, “2/6/21 – Nate went to Atlanta. I didn’t know it at the time, but he met a girl named Laree on Tinder and went on a date with her. Full name: Laree Starke (IG: @cola_ree). They have an early Valentine’s Day dinner. As she told me this for the first time last month.”

Nate Mitchell via YouTube 1

The saga continues….

When Nate came home from that trip he and Kelsey had their Valentine’s date. She noted she felt like this was when things were really getting serious. That same month Nate met her dad for the first time.

In April Kelsey said they went on their first trip together. They were reportedly 100% exclusive at this point in time. In May, Nate met her entire family.

She shared more about other outings with family. Then, Kelsey said, “6/27/21 – Came to dinner with me and my mom. Couldn’t look her in the eye. Things started getting rocky.”

Kelsey’s story continues, “7/4/21 – Got upset at him because he didn’t come to my cottage. Went home for the weekend and I don’t know why. Ghosted me for a week. 8/14/21 – Laree messaged me for the first time because she noticed I started deleting photos of Nate off my IG page, so I texted Nate right after.”

All about Laree

Kelsey went on to say and show the message she got from Laree. She said she had dated Nate and that he even through the L word out at her. Kelsey confronted Nate who said Laree was nobody and he stopped talking to her when he and Kelsey got really serious.

The two exchanged messages about Nate.

Kelsey and Nate still talked from July to November 2021. She thought they were okay. However, they ended up breaking up officially on November 25 via text. Kelsey noted it ended on a good note.

Next, Kelsey told Steve, 1/7/22 – Saw his friend from the ski trip who told me she’d hooked with him two weeks prior. She told me he was dating someone new (met her at a wedding he didn’t invite me to) and that he was hooking up with her friend. Got pissed and texted Nate “I always knew you were sus.” Cut ties with him officially and deleted his number.”

March 23 she found out he was going on The Bachelorette. 

Kelsey found out Nate had a daughter while the show was airing. She also found out from Laree that Nate had been married and the divorce was not final until December 2020.

Steve reached out to Laree

Steve shared his entire conversation with Laree on his blog including photos. Laree said she knew about Nate’s daughter within the first month of knowing him. They met on Tinder and she even flew to Chicago to see him twice. All of this happened when he was still with Kelsey.

The friend that Nate had hooked up with previously pulled Laree aside and told her about Kelsey during one of her trips to Chicago.

Laree confirmed she ended things with him.

Steve also shared that while Nate was showering Kelsey with gifts on Valentine’s Day he was also sending flowers to Laree in Atlanta calling her his “lifetime angel.”

Kelsey also noted that she means Nate no harm. She said, “I wish Nate all the best. I don’t want to affect his future, but it’s important for me to try and prevent another girl from being blindsided by his secrecies.”

Both women felt played and betrayed by Nate Mitchell. The proof is all in Steve’s blog with photos.

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  1. Kelsey claims that Nate was unfaithful? This is rich. She spent their entire relationship seeking male attention, baring her big behind on Instagram for all the world to see.

    Kelsey Fankhauser got what she deserved. #SkankNotFank

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