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‘The Bachelorette’: Viral TikTok Reveals One Player In The Group

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There have only been two episodes of The Bachelorette so far and rumors are already flying about contestants. One man, in particular, is seemingly being deemed with a not-so-good reputation. A viral TikTok is revealing that this man may in fact be a player. What is being said about this man and who is it?

The Bachelorette seemingly has a player lurking around

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia are hoping to find love on The Bachelorette after Clayton Echard broke their hearts. They’ve moved on and want their happily ever after. However, it seems there may be one man among their contestants who may be a player. What is being said?

A viral TikTok posted by a travel nurse named Kaycee has revealed tons of dirt on one of the contestants. So far she hasn’t flat-out called out his name. However, she hinted and she didn’t deny it when other people called him out.

logan and Rachel via Insta

So, who is it? The man being discussed in the TikTok is Logan Palmer. The comments all suggest Logan is who Kaycee is referring to. Many of the comments say they also dated him. Another comment says he’s dated tons of women in San Diego.

Katie Thurston even commented noting that they sure do like picking men from San Diego.

Kaycee’s videos

As for Kaycee’s video, she has three in which she discusses having dated someone on The Bachelorette. Her first video had a caption that said watching someone you used to date be on national tv and be so different.

Kaycee captioned her next video by saying, “The screenshots of how I broke up with him is still my favorite part. I have a feeling a small army of women can join me with the tea on just this one man…. Yikes, any guesses.”

She then revealed that he may end up being a fan favorite on the show but that she has a message on her phone that could change all that. She also seemed to allege he’s dated tons of girls in San Diego.

Kaycee’s next video was joking about how many DMs she has received from other women who also dated Logan. The caption says she’s counting up all the numbers and wonders how he had time to date all these women, have a full-time job and still apply for reality television.

Other women seem to be substantiating her claim that Logan is a player and definitely not looking for love.

What do you think? He has already kissed both Gabby and Rachel.

Stay tuned for more updates.



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