Nate Mitchell For ‘Bachelor’? Mike Fleiss Defends Accusations

Nate Mitchell and Mike Fleiss via YouTube

Tuesday was not a good day for Bachelorette contestant Nate Mitchell. Reality Steve used his platform to allow two women from Nate’s past to expose the kind of man they believe him to be. The accusations are wild and proof was provided. However, even with the proof in front of him, Mike Fleiss has basically come to Nate’s defense. His quick jump to defend Nate has many wondering if Fleiss is wanting to make him The Bachelor. Keep reading to find out what is going on.

Is Nate Mitchell in the running to be The Bachelor?

The story broke yesterday about Nate with proof being shown in Reality Steve’s column. Photos and a complete timeline of events were provided for all to see. Nate allegedly did not tell his girlfriend of a year and a half that he had a daughter or that he was getting divorced. He was also reportedly unfaithful more than once.

Nate Mitchell has been a fan favorite among Bachelor fans since night one. He stuck out and said all the right things to Gabby Windey. Now, his character is in question and many are very disappointed he doesn’t seem to be who everyone thought he was.

Gabby Windey and Nate Mitchell via YouTube

While most can see the proof and know it to be factual, there are some skeptics who refuse to believe Nate did anything wrong. One of those is The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss. He put out a series of tweets leading fans and even Reality Steve to believe Nate may be in the running to be The Bachelor. 

Mike Fleiss’ tweets

One of the first tweets put out by Mike Fleiss was asking Bachelor Nation who they should make The Bachelor. Two hours later Fleiss tweeted, “Don’t jump to conclusions about certain cast members based on mere allegations, as disturbing as they may be. I beg you to wait until all the facts come out before making any judgments. #TheBachelorette.”

Mike Fleiss Nate Tweets 2


Wednesday morning, Fleiss tweeted that they were conducting an investigation. He followed up by saying, “Sure hope this is good news for #BachelorNation ! According to Martin Hilton the man in question is nothing like the guy ‘these women have made him out to be.'”

Fans don’t buy it and can see that Nate is guilty based on the proof provided. They also are looking between the lines and thinking Fleiss is working hard to make Nate The Bachelor. 

Mike Fleiss Nate Tweets 1

Nate’s short response

Of course, Nate has not officially responded to the information put out there about him. He commented on one post saying there are two sides to every story. That was it. That was Nate’s response.

It looks like Mike Fleiss and his crew are trying to do damage control. Do they really have a chance to turn things around for Nate?

Do you think they are trying to make Nate The Bachelor?

Stay tuned for more updates.



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