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New Speculation Surrounds ‘Bachelorette’ Suitor Nate Mitchell, What Happened?

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It seems Bachelorette fan favorite Nate Mitchell has managed to find himself surrounded by more speculation. News recently came out that shared allegations that Nate was not faithful to two women. There were also questions about why his daughter was never mentioned to a woman he had seen for 18 months. Now that situation has died down and fans have been patiently waiting to see if Nate will be named the next lead on The Bachelor. However, a new photo was shared online of Nate over the weekend. Everyone is dying to know what it all means. Keep reading to find out more.

More speculation for Nate Mitchell

A fan happened to be out in about in Chicago over the weekend. During their outing, they caught a glimpse of Nate Mitchell at a grocery store. No big deal right? If it is indeed Nate in the photo then he is with another woman. Plus, they are holding hands. So now the questions and speculation begin. Who is this lady and are they dating? The Instagram account @bachelorettewindmill shared the photo with fans.

So far nobody knows who the woman is. Nor does anyone know the extent of their relationship. It’s all pure speculation at this point in time.

However, with the speculation comes questions. Such as, is Nate still in the running to be The Bachelor?

Gabby Windey and Nate Mitchell via YouTube

Nobody knows and there are many different scenarios that could be used. One speculated example is that Nate and this mystery woman are casually dating and not serious. She could know he will possibly be The Bachelor and be okay with it.

Or, another scenario based all on speculation is that Nate may know he has not been cast as the new lead and therefore is doing his best to move forward.

Either way, it will most likely be a few weeks before the new lead for The Bachelor 2023 is announced.

What do you think of the photo?

Nate Mitchell with girl in chicago via Instagram

Nate and Gabby

As for all the other rumors that have risen about Nate, Gabby for one refuses to believe them. She has said publically said that she supports Nate and wants the best for him. Gabby said she only knows the man she met and started to fall for on the show.

Gabby’s emotions and feelings for Nate were obvious to all who watched their heart-wrenching breakup. She is hoping Nate finds the happiness and love he deserves.

Do you think Nate will be the next Bachelor?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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