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‘SW’ Fans’ Christine & Kody Brown Poll Has Disturbing Lineup

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Sister Wives viewers don’t tend to look highly on Kody Brown’s marriage to Christine. However, a recent Reddit poll features some pretty unsettling opinions.

So when exactly do fans believe that Kody and Christine’s marriage actually fell apart? Keep reading to see what other viewers actually think.

Reddit votes: when was Christine and Kody Brown’s marriage really doomed?

When Sister Wives Season 17 premieres, viewers will get a chance to see how the divorce really played out. The family publically announced Christine left the family in late 2021. But up until now, fans haven’t known exactly how it unfolded.

For many years, Sister Wives viewers knew that Christine and Kody Brown weren’t really happy. But when was the exact moment their marriage fell apart?

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A recent Reddit poll tackles this precise question. And sadly, there are no shortage of ideas. Fans can point to many instances that dealt a lot of damage to the relationship. Poll options include:

  • As soon as they said their marriage vows
  • When Robyn entered the family
  • When Kody told her “honor the whole family (Robyn) and then I’ll love you”
  • When he told the world that he was not attracted to her
  • When he almost killed Truely
  • When he missed Ysabel’s surgery

All the options have at least 100 votes. But at the moment, “When Robyn entered the family” is in the lead. There’s still a few days left on the poll, so things could definitely change.

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Sister Wives/Reddit

A few Redditors said they wished “all of the above” was an option, but the OP confessed they ran out of spots to add more. Another Redditor added that they believed it was when Kody admitted he didn’t want an intimate relationship with Christine any longer.

Which option would you vote for? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

Does the Brown family need extra money?

Christine is definitely out of the picture now. But will Kody Brown stay content with just three wives? The Brown family’s religion dictates that a man must have three wives to enter Heaven, so he’s still fine there. However, some fans think he may take another wife to keep TLC interested in the family.

Many of Kody Brown’s children are adults and have lives of their own. But he still has a few kids at home to care for in addition to his three wives. Large families are expensive and inflation levels are really high right now. The money the family earns from filming Sister Wives is much better than any job Kody might have in the meantime.

Many members of the Brown family are also on Cameo to earn a little bit of extra money too.

Stay tuned for more information on the Browns. Season 17 will be here in just a few weeks, so check back for more stories soon!

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