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Kody Brown Embraces Hairline In Recent Cameo Return?

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Sister Wives star Kody Brown seemed to take a social media break this summer. The TLC personality was absent from Cameo for much of the season and just recently made his return to the platform. And now, it seems like he’s learning to embrace his natural hairline. Keep reading to see what fans noticed.

Kody Brown ditches his chaotic hairstyle on Cameo

YouTuber Katie Joy often keeps tabs on various TLC stars, from Sister Wives to the Duggar family. She ultimately ended up informing many fans that Kody Brown made his way back to Cameo through one of her Instagram posts.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

“Kody Brown returned to Cameo after almost 2 months away. Looks like Kody has gone a lot more gray these days. Not that it matters. But He definitely looks different,” Katie Joy captioned her post. “No shade on the gray btw – I have gray hair too 🔥”

However, the gray hair wasn’t the only thing that fans noticed. Based on the comparison shot, it seems like Kody Brown is actually accepting his natural hairline too.

Kody Brown from Instagram
Katie Joy/Instagram

I’m glad to see him embracing his receding hairline 🤦🏻‍♀️We all knew it was there,” one of Katie’s followers wrote on the post. 

“He can no longer afford to dye his hair blonde now that Christine left😂😂😂” someone else joked. 

But overall, the general consensus amongst fans seemed to be that Kody Brown actually looks better this way. Fans really didn’t care for Kody’s manic attempts to make his hair look fuller and longer. Like everyone else, the TLC star is aging. Sister Wives viewers appreciate the honesty and realness now that he’s embracing his natural hairline.

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What will fans see from the Brown family in Season 17?

Kody Brown and the rest of his family are preparing for the Season 17 premiere, which is coming on September 11. It’s entirely possible that the Brown family patriarch made his return to Cameo to drum up excitement about the newest season. But at $99 per video, he might not be getting as many requests as he had hoped for.

But either way, viewers are really excited to see how Season 17 plays out. It’s been confirmed Christine will be featured in the season, even though she’s no longer part of the family. After nearly a year, Sister Wives viewers will finally get to see how the divorce plays out on screen.

Don’t forget to follow TV Shows Ace online to keep up with Kody Brown and the rest of the Sister Wives cast. Stay tuned for the latest story. The Season 17 premiere will be here very soon, so keep your eyes peeled. You never know which stories will come out next.

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