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Here’s Why Kody Brown Might Consider A New Wife

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Now that Christine is out of the picture, would Kody Brown ever consider bringing home a new wife? This is a question that many Sister Wives fans are pondering ahead of the Season 17 premiere.

Although the family patriarch said that he no longer publically advocates for polygamy, he still maintains his marriages to three women. On top of that, Kody Brown is a deeply religious man. Polygamy is a very important component of his faith. So is it possible that he might actually bring in a new wife in the future?

Redditors have varying opinions on the state of Kody Brown’s marriages

Sister Wives fans can clearly see that Kody Brown thinks polygamy is exhausting. Over the years, he’s talked about how difficult it is to maintain a marriage to one woman, let alone four. However, living a plural lifestyle ensures their place in the afterlife. So does Kody really have any options here?

Sister Wives from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

According to the Brown family’s religion, they only need three wives to get into Heaven. But it’s generally safer to have more than that. Now that Kody is down to three, will he seek out another wife for security?

Redditors had no shortage of opinions when it came to this topic.

“I’ve seen rumours about Kody possibly marrying another wife, but I find them completely ridiculous. He is so done with polygamy, he called it ‘an experiment that has failed’ in tell-all, he is not religous anymore and it is so obvious that him and Robyn are monagomous couple,” one Redditor said in a new thread. “I think that they only keep doing this because they need the show, money they get from it and from other wives. Another reason why they are still doing it is because Robyn wants that planet in heaven and Kody has to have 3 wives in order to get it. But, she is also a very jelous person and even if Meri or Janelle leave, they will not take another wife because she wouldn’t handle it very well and Kody doesn’t seem interested in it at all.”

Sister Wives from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

Many Redditors readily agreed that Robyn would be very jealous of a new wife. Kody always seems to listen to Robyn, so he would probably listen to her if she objected to a new wife. But they could always get a new wife for the sake of the show.

Is the Brown family hurting for cash?

Having multiple wives and 18 children is definitely expensive. As a result, the Brown family needs all the help they can get. Many of the family members are on Cameo these days, including family patriarch Kody.

Many fans actually wonder if Kody Brown will get another wife for the sake of prolonging the show. After all, if TLC cancels Sister Wives, there will be a lot less money coming in.

Where do you stand on the issue? Will Kody Brown get another wife, or is he only committed to Robyn these days? Leave your ideas in the comments and stay tuned for more.

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