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Fans Express Dread For More Christine & Kody Brown Drama?

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What will Kody Brown do when Sister Wives Season 17 comes to TLC? That’s a question that many fans are pondering these days. Fans all know that Christine Brown left the family last fall. So it’s fully expected that viewers will watch their marriage crash and burn in the newest season.

Even though everyone knows what’s coming, Sister Wives fans are actually dreading the drama a little bit. Keep reading to see what might happen.

Kody Brown loses a wife in Season 17

Through the past 16 seasons of Sister Wives, Christine and Kody Brown have had their share of hiccups. However, they generally seemed to keep pushing through anyway. But now, that’s all come to an end since Christine left the family. But what actually pushed her over the edge? When Season 17 premieres on September 11, fans will get to know more.

Christine Brown from TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

It’s fully expected that Season 17 will place a heavy focus on the breakdown of Kody and Christine’s marriage. But since Christine is such a beloved cast member, fans just aren’t quite sure that they want to see her suffer onscreen. Redditors seemed to agree that everyone knows that Christine will leave at the end of the season. So why beat a dead horse?

But no matter what plays out onscreen, many Sister Wives fans feel glad that Christine Brown is happier these days. Since she went back to Utah with her branch of the family, the TLC personality seems to practically glow in her Instagram photos.

It’s abundantly clear that her marriage to Kody Brown was incredibly toxic and unhappy in the end. It’s just going to be a little uncomfortable to watch it all officially unravel onscreen.

TLC entices fans to tune in with a very revealing teaser

So far, there haven’t been many Season 17 previews yet. TLC just put out a short teaser showing one of the four rings falling off the logo. It’s not a long preview, but it’s incredibly telling of what’s to come.

Kody Brown is down a wife and will have to proceed with three. But what does that mean for his relationship with the six children he shares with Christine? Fans will just have to tune in and wait for more.

Janelle Brown/YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

Some fans believe that TLC should change the intro now that Christine is no longer part of the family. And Redditors had plenty of great ideas for a new intro too. Christine’s departure is the biggest thing to happen to the Browns in a while, so hopefully TLC will shake things up a little.

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