‘Life After Lockup’ Does Shawn Really Owe Destinie Money?

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This season of Life After Lockup is just one hot mess after another. Yet, fans would not expect anything else. As for Shawn Osborne, this is supposed to be the most magical year of his life. He is preparing to marry Sara Issacs and the two have a little bean on the way. Unfortunately, his ex-fiancee Destinie Folsom is ready to mess it all up at the drop of a hat. She believes that Shawn owes her 50K but does he? Read on to find out more.

Shawn Thinks He’s Found Happiness On Life After Lockup

Destinie has openly admitted she can find things about people they do not always want to be known. This is part of what helped her as a criminal. So she was able to discover her ex-fiancee, Shawn was not only getting married but that his fiancee was pregnant. However, this rubbed her the completely wrong way for a few reasons. Not only is she expecting a baby without a baby daddy but she is in need of funding. In her mind, Shawn made her many promises that ended up being empty.

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Destinie and friends

He said he was getting her a 10K engagement ring, there was a car she paid half of that he took away, plus belongings she abandoned, and more. Finally, she decided that she was ready to crash the wedding to get her money. She saw the location on Sara’s Facebook. Destinie’s final total was 50K as that was what her bond was and Shawn held that over her head their entire relationship. If he pays up, she won’t ruin the wedding. Starcasm cited a few of these reasons which were completely ludicrous.

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Additionally, there was another one. She feels her ex owes her money for being with him as long as she was. Why does that warrant a payout? It is plausible that she may not have been paid her fair share for being on the series, if at all. Yet, if she just wants money for being intimate with him and did not get that, then that is a whole different situation. However, there is another lingering issue.

How Is Destinie At The Wedding?

As far as Sara knows, Destinie is still in jail. Shawn has yet to tell her that she has been released. So she thinks that her wedding will be perfect and uninterrupted. So, the question Life After Lockup fans may have forgotten to ask is how she was able to travel from California to Ohio on parole. Starcasm answered this for everyone who was scratching their heads.

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It would be allowed if she is getting monetary compensation to appear on the show. Therefore, it would be considered a work-related trip. So, there would or should be no issue. Destinie was asked at one point if the baby could be Shawn’s and she passed on that. It does seem it is her estranged husband’s so really, nothing to worry about. At the end of the episode, Shawn got a knock on his hotel room but will it be his baby mama, Kelly, or Destinie?

Do you think he owes her anything? Let us know and find out who was at the door when Life After Lockup airs Friday nights on WeTV.


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  1. There’s no way that he owes her an engagement ring or any money for her living expenses.
    I never saw her give him one penny for that car, it was in Shaun’s name, so she won’t get anything from him.
    I hope he serves her with a restraining order. Major problem, Shaun is a whimp and probably thinks he owes her money.
    I hope his wife is smart enough to point Shaun in the right direction.
    Destinee is dumber than I thought. Guess she’s never watched Judge Judy, smdh lol.

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